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Kreedo Preschool Curriculum : Starting Now Helps Them Later

An increasing number of parents are becoming aware of the fact that preschool and not school is the starting point of their child’s education journey. A Kreedo preschool Solution highlights the advantages of choosing to start your child off in preschool. The curriculum is such that it makes learning a fruitful learning experience for all the children attending. It also facilitates teachers and makes the classroom a better place to learn.


Kreedo Preschool Curriculum

Why Early Childhood Development is Essential

The earliest years of a child’s life will set the bar for further learning. These preschool years are essential for learning and setting your child up correctly with the best opportunity to learn and continue learning throughout their life.


Not sending a child to preschool could put them back in school as they would not be accustomed to adapting to the learning environment just yet. They would have to start from scratch during their initial schooling years to adapt and go through preliminary learning activities.


Children who have not been to preschool before entering school may have a harder time learning, let alone adjusting to the new conditions. The Kreedo preschool curriculum is based on making learning possible for every child.


Who is Kreedo?

Kreedo is an academic partner who strives to help individuals open up and run their own preschool/school brand. Being a successful education solution provider, Kreedo doesn’t just take care of branding, marketing, teacher training, and fee calculation, it also provides you with the unique Kreedo preschool curriculum that has been carefully crafted by the Kreedo team to suit the requirements of growing children.


Why Kreedo Preschool Curriculum is the Best Approach

Kreedo has had vast experience in helping educators and entrepreneurs become preschool owners. To make matters better, the Kreedo Preschool Curriculum is also aligned with the New Education Policy (NEP) and the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) that have been put in place by the government of India. This means that children who attend a Kreedo preschool will best be able to adapt to further learning as they approach schooling years.


Kreedo creates a curriculum that fuses learning with playing in an indoor class and outdoor setting. Teachers are provided with training and a variety of exciting teaching aids that the children will take well. Various games that are only solvable using a particular technique are implemented in the learning process to help children develop their skills in every aspect.


Kreedo Preschool Curriculum

Benefits of Starting Child Education Early

Starting a child’s education late can have a later effect on their ability to learn, socialize, follow rules, and learn as well! This is the last thing any parent would want for their child. If you are still wondering why preschool education is important, here are a few points explaining it.


1.) Development of Motor and Cognitive Skills

Motor and cognitive development helps children to improve their sense and understanding of what happens around them. Awareness and intellectuality (reasoning, thinking, and remembering) are all essential points for growing children that will help to improve character as children grow and develop.

2.) Improves Literacy Skills

Literacy skills are first developed in preschool before children reach school. During preschool years, children will become familiarized with alphabets, nursery rhymes, and stories, allowing them to identify sounds. All of these are crucial to developing pre-literacy skills and making the early years of formal schooling that much easier to absorb.

3.) Promotes Social Skill Development

The ability to mix with others and cooperate starts at preschool. The Kreedo preschool curriculum is based on social activities that help all children not just mix with other children but teachers as well. It also creates the foundation for emotional development in young children.

4.) Induces Curiosity & Learning

The best way to teach children is to induce curiosity as this incites the will to learn by asking questions and stimulating the thought and reasoning process. Curiosity and learning go hand-in-hand and are applicable to both indoor and outdoor learning and is a great way to get all children to participate in activities.

5.) Improves Language Skills

Language skills are best developed in an environment where teachers promote speech and each individual is given the opportunity to improve their vocabulary and language skills. This further helps in improving other skills like social skills, and literacy skills.

6.) Creates Self-Awareness

Small children are usually not yet very aware of their actions and the actions of people around them at such a young age. But a preschool would definitely be able to help with this. It makes children more aware of sounds and actions as well as helps to create a logical understanding of surrounding actions and noises.

Kreedo Preschool Curriculum: How it Helps Every Child

Kreedo has a specialized curriculum based on 6Ts often known as the Kreedo 6T Framework that has been highly successful in helping children learn effectively while also enjoying the process.


The 6Ts are:


Each one of these 6Ts has a benefit and compliments the Kreedo preschool curriculum perfectly to ensure effectiveness. Kreedo doesn’t just help to create an effective curriculum but it also creates the surrounding materials that go into creating a highly effective learning environment for young children.



Preschool is becoming more popular now more than ever! Parents are looking to provide their children with the best early learning and a brighter future. It’s no surprise that parents are naturally inclined to pick a Kreedo preschool Solution as the curriculum is customized to suit the requirements of young children and makes the process a lot easier to understand.

Partnering with Kreedo to start your preschool will be the best way to accomplish your dream of providing quality education to preschool children and helping them start their education.



Q.1) Will Kreedo help me upgrade my existing preschool?

Ans. Kreedo is an expert partner in helping existing preschool owners upgrade their preschools by increasing admissions, delivering a curriculum with above-average results, building your brand, and ensuring your preschool is aligned with current education guidelines like the NCP and NEP.

Q.2) How does Kreedo help start my preschool?

Ans. Kreedo will help you start your preschool business by helping you brand and market your preschool, teachers recruitment and training, provide all the materials, preschool location selection, fee structuring, and timetable creation. Thus, you would have everything needed to start your preschool and have it run successfully!

Q.3) Will Kreedo help me break even and even become a profitable Kreedo preschool owner?

Ans. Kreedo preschool solutions are royalty and franchise-free, meaning you stand the best chances of breaking even and even becoming profitable in the long run.

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