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The root cause of learning problems in adults and children often goes back to the lack of good early education. Quality early education is a necessity, not a luxury. Kreedo’s play based learning approach maximizes children’s intellectual and academic growth as well as increasing their social and emotional quotient in the foundational years. Read more about how Kreedo sets the foundation for lifelong learning for your little one.

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Children have an innate desire to explore, experiment, and discover. Play-based learning provides them with opportunities to do so. Through play, children learn conceptually well besides developing essential skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and creativity, all of which are essential for success in life. Play-based learning also promotes socio-emotional development, as it enables children to interact with peers, learn how to negotiate and resolve conflicts, and develop empathy and self-awareness.

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Kreedo’s solution currently caters to Playgroup, Nursery (Pre-KG), Lower Kindergarten (LKG) and Upper Kindergarten (UKG), Class 1 and Class 2 typically for the age group of children between the ages of 2 to 8 years. In the National Education Policy (NEP) announced by the Government of India in 2020, kreedo covers the first five years of education which is also described as the Foundational Stage in the policy.

Kreedo focuses on Literacy skills (Language), Numeracy skills (Maths), Themes (EVS), Sensorial skills and Cognitive skills as well as helps improve the socio-emotional quotient in children. All these areas of development always begin with play or activities first in the curriculum through our Kreedo lab. The child is then taken to abstraction through our Kreedo books which are again mapped to the practical activities the child does in the lab. We believe the best route to enable learning in children is through the “Concrete to Abstract” or “Practical to Theory” approach.

Kreedo is a non-franchise, no-royalty solution which means that we help you build your own brand and do not charge any franchise fees or royalty fees. Hence Kreedo provides a much better return on investment (ROI) as compared to other preschool franchises, playschool franchises, Montessori franchises or any other franchise-based solution. Kreedo charges a one-time cost for the Kreedo Lab which includes educational materials/learning materials/furniture and a per-child fee that includes Kreedo-published books and all our support services including training, technology solutions and more. Enquire with us to know more about the costs of the various packages that Kreedo offers.

Kreedo is completely aligned with all aspects of NEP and NCF and a school that implements Kreedo will be compliant with the policy guidelines to a large extent. Kreedo’s solution is mapped for children between the ages of 3-8 years which covers the Foundational stage of the National Education Policy (NEP). In the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) for the foundational stage released in October 2022 by the Government of India, there is a significant emphasis on play-based and activity-based learning as the basis for all learning in early years and this is the core of Kreedo’s learning philosophy through our Kreedo Lab activities.

Our books are also designed keeping in mind all the foundational literacy and numeracy learning requirements. So, when a child goes to higher classes, their foundation is strong and they will easily adapt to any curriculum, as what they already know will definitely be higher than what is offered in any board.

With respect to alignment to a particular school board, as mentioned above, Kreedo’s curriculum more than meets the objectives set by any board guidelines currently in India and any child going through the curriculum will find it easy to adapt to any of the board stipulations.

Kreedo works as your complete academic partner ensuring your school’s success through our complete learning and support frameworks. We believe that the main objective of school whether it is a K-12 school, Preschool, Playschool, Kindergarten or a Montessori is to deliver learning and once that happens, the success of the school is more or less guaranteed. Kreedo implements our proprietary 6T learning framework in all our partner schools which has experiential learning at its core and we all know that play or activity-based learning is the best form of learning for the child, especially in early years. The 6T framework includes Toys & Games, Theory (Kreedo Books), Timetable, Training, Technology and Teamwork (Peer learning) and covers all aspects of learning enabling all the stakeholders (parents, teachers, owners and children) in the process. Apart from the 6T framework, Kreedo also helps the schools through our support framework which includes parent interactions, marketing support and branding support.

Partnering with Kreedo, schools see increased learning outcomes, increase in admissions, and reduced teacher burden consequently reducing teacher attrition and a significant jump in the branding of the school in the neighbourhood.

Kreedo provides all our teachers and school owners with our 6T curriculum app which empowers them to completely implement the curriculum. The app is equipped with a timetable setup, activity descriptions, assessments, progress reports, learning modules, dashboards, remedial activities and more to ensure teachers can effectively implement Kreedo. The 6T app is also being extended to parents for them to know the status of implementation in the partner schools. Kreedo has also introduced our “Practico” learning app which is a gamified learning app for children on a mobile. The games/activities on the app complement the activities in the Kreedo lab and reinforce practical learning through practice and repetition.

We do not provide our own teachers. Kreedo helps our schools and preschools by training the teachers that they recruit, in the Kreedo curriculum. We mentor, train and support the teachers on all aspects of running the school, Kreedo lab activities, classroom management, activity-based learning as well as classroom activities. We also provide tips and support in recruiting the right teachers for your school/preschool.

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