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Teacher Training - The Kreedo Way!

Haven’t you heard a toddler saying “My teacher said..”? The tale goes on and ends up in a heated argument in support of the teacher. All enough for us to realise how much impact a teacher can have in a child’s life.

Statistically speaking, about 3000 children are taught by a teacher in their career. The teachers not only teach the lessons but instead influence the holistic development of the children. For the same reason, teachers need to upskill their teaching methods, identify age-appropriate teaching strategies, refine their knowledge, get an insight into the education policies and adapt to the new learning environment. So, how do teachers prepare for all of these? Of course, the training programs mentor the teachers.


Teacher training is whereby the teachers are equipped with modern pedagogical techniques to benefit the learning experience of all the children in a class. When we say ‘all the children’, we know that the learning pace of each child is different. We also know that the things we imbibe in early childhood stay in our brains as long-term memories. Hence it is crucial to make teachers flexible to help the early education effective for all children. This is indeed the mission of our Kreedo Teacher Training.

Kreedo focuses on three ways to train teachers which have proved to be effective even with remote schooling owing to the covid restrictions. 

1. Comprehensive training by academic experts

Our trainers take detailed sessions on the curriculum to be implemented in the preschools. The level-wise concepts are thoroughly explained through a blended approach, where we introduce a theme with the material first, followed by the board activity and then the books. This helps teachers constructively enforce concrete to abstract learning. Since our academic experts are themselves the curators of the curriculum, it is easy for them to put across the different concepts aligning with present-day educational policies, in turn, making the training fruitful.

2. Hands-on activities with the learning materials

As Kreedo works on an experiential learning approach, the teachers should be adept at using the learning materials. The training programs assist teachers with the objective and demonstrate the usage of these materials. This helps teachers to themselves experience the perks of play-based learning. On top of that, our exceptionally skilled trainers can clarify their doubts as well! 

3. Digital videos of the concepts

We provide the teachers with digital videos of concepts, which are developed after hours of research by our Subject Matter Experts. Like children, there will be teachers who are good visual learners. These videos are for them to apprehend the themes in a greater way. 

When we talk about Kreedo, our focus does not only lie with the betterment of the students but also the teachers. By helping instructors improve their teaching methodology, we aim to spread our vision of perpetuating knowledge to as many students as we can!

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