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Our customers are what keeps us going, but our employees are our pride! If you are the kind who looks forward to step out of your comfort zone to try something different, we want you on our team. We believe in wiping the slate clean and giving everyone a chance to explore and experiment. Take risks, fall, get up and keep moving towards your goal is our motto!

Are you feeling the need to make a real impact and switch things up every single day?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We don’t settle for less, and neither should you!

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They are our creative geniuses who put in the work to make sure our products look cool. If you need anything written, designed, created from scratch or all of the above - they are the go-to guys who can make it happen. They're basically the superheroes of the creative world, keeping the heart of Kreedo pumping!
Our champions who specialize in connecting with clients and providing them with the best solutions to meet their needs - this is our inside sales team! Passionate about sales and customer service, they work diligently to ensure that every client interaction meets all expectation!
The shining stars in Kreedo’s galaxy, our field sales team’s ‘customer first’ attitude and sheer persistence truly sets them apart from the rest! The true magicians of words, there is no sales pitch that they cannot turn into a potential opportunity.
The protectors of our vault, they are dedicated to managing the financial health of our organization. They work tirelessly to ensure that our organization operates efficiently and effectively, and that our financial decisions are always grounded in sound analysis and best practices.
They are our subject matter experts, making sure our team is fully equipped and trained to give our customers the best experience possible. We don’t even think about facing a customer until you've been certified by this team. They're like the gatekeepers of knowledge!
They make sure our products and services get to our schools in tip-top condition and on time. They are the guardians of our products, making sure they're safe and sound until they reach their new homes.
A company can run without an HR – said no one! Our team of expert HR professionals handle the complex ins and outs of the organization with ease. These superstars are committed to creating an environment where our team feel valued, supported, and empowered to put their best foot forward at all times!
If all the departments of Kreedo are the different organs, the Founder's Office is its heart and soul! From strategizing, envisioning, planning to taking all the tough decisions for us - this team does it all! But even with an ever-evolving checklist of responsibilities, you will never see them without a smile on their face!

Join us and become a part of a team that takes major pride in everything we do. One click is all it takes to get there, so what are you waiting for?

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