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Theory to Practical: Implementing STEM in Preschool Classrooms

Table of Content

  • What is STEM?
  • Understanding the Importance of STEM in Early Education
  • Strategies to Integrate STEM in Early Childhood Education
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Embarking on the journey of running a preschool is an exciting experience. It gives you the ability to change children’s lives through early education experiences. Play-based preschool curriculum provides the ability to incorporate both practical and theoretical learning. It leads to better foundations for STEM learning and better learning outcomes.


This blog details strategies preschool owners and teachers can use to implement STEM. It shows how each strategy makes moving from theory to practical easy for children.


What is STEM?


STEM stands for four very important branches; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Together, concepts from these subjects lay the foundation for all academic learning.


Understanding the Importance of STEM in Early Education


The incorporation of STEM is not a debatable topic. Parents, educators, and preschool owners all know the importance. There’s no denying the advantages STEM knowledge can provide to children.


As children progress in their education, STEM becomes even more important. It will persist throughout primary and secondary education. Eventually, children will even pursue a speciality STEM subject in university.


STEM lays the foundation for the development of these skills in early education:


  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Fine motor skill development


Partnering with an academic partner like Kreedo helps incorporate STEM into the preschool curriculum and provides benefits. The biggest one is the ability to shift from theory to practical learning with the best teaching aids.


The first priority is to develop an understanding of the theory section. After this, teachers’ skills ensure backing up the knowledge through practicals. This allows children to see the proof and strengthen their concepts.


Looking to ensure your teachers are masters in theory to practical implementation? Take a look at the benefits of Kreedo’s teachers’ training programs.



Strategies to Integrate STEM in Early Childhood Education

Implementing STEM in a play-based learning curriculum makes learning complex subjects more simple. Teachers also can make the learning experience fun and suitable for young children.


Advantages of implementing STEM in preschools:


  • Aids children for future studies in STEM
  • Facilitates conversion from concrete to abstract learning
  • Allows teachers to implement hands-on learning experiences
  • Provides children with an exciting introduction to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics concepts


Now that we know the importance of STEM, the question turns to how to implement it. Here are 6 methods of STEM implementation in preschools.


1. Incorporate Hands-On Learning Through Educational Material


The early childhood years of education act as a platform for all further education. Children absorb large amounts of information during these early years and develop faster.


STEM involves subjects that are largely based on practical learning. When partnering with Kreedo, the play-based learning curriculum is delivered to children through concrete learning experiences.


Teachers have help from Kreedo through a specialised structural learning environment. Also, they get educational materials like wall displays and educational toys.


Start a Preschool


Through hands-on experiences, children can explore objects, processes, and concepts. They will gain knowledge through observation. Actions will prompt children to observe the relationship between cause and effect.


2. Back Up Practical Learning With Theory Learning


Practical learning alone is not enough to solidify STEM concepts which is why theory learning is vital. Theory is best taught with the help of age-appropriate books.


Another benefit for preschool/school owners choosing Kreedo to start their preschool exists. This is academic materials like age-appropriate books. Kreedo delivers according to the following education levels:


  • Pre-KG (Playschool & Nursery)
  • LKG (Lower Kindergarten)
  • UKG (Upper Kindergarten)
  • Class 1
  • Class 2


play-based learning curriculum


Using these books, teachers can reinforce practical STEM learning concepts.

3. Foster Collaborative Learning Environments


Preschool children don’t just learn from teachers while attending preschool institutions. They have a unique opportunity for children to interact and learn from each other.


Want to improve your preschool’s curriculum to implement STEM learning? Look at curriculum development to develop an engaging learning experience for children.


When it comes to STEM implementation, collaboration can be an empowering tool. This applies when it comes to shifting teaching focus from theory to practice. Teachers can assign a task to a group of children and supervise collaboration.


4. Outdoor Exploration


Nature plays an important role in teaching STEM. It acts as a tool for teachers to approach practical teaching in a child-centric manner. Turning the outdoors into a classroom or learning lab leads to the creation of a new learning space.


The outdoors provides the most simple STEM concepts that children can see. Teachers can ask small queries like, “How many colours do we see in this tree?” This presents the best practical approach to certain subjects like Science and Mathematics.


Read about the importance of Math in early education.


Children will see the shades of green and brown in nature and instil curiosity and a love for learning.


Teachers’ skills ensure they use their outdoor surroundings to teach children. Also, this takes place in a way that allows for practical learning.


play-based learning curriculum


5. Parent & Community Involvement Project-Based Activities for Accelerated Learning


Children can benefit from developing social and emotional skills. These skills come into play during STEM learning.


Teachers of Kreedo-partnered preschools/schools have many learning materials for group learning.


Collaborative learning further helps children to learn from one another. Group projects let students complete steps left blank by group members. This leads to education as a group as children observe well.

6. Integrating Technology in Preschool Environments


Technology plays an important role in helping children absorb information. It acts as an enabler, allowing children to learn STEM faster and in a fun way.


An example of how Kreedo implements technology as an enabler in early childhood education is through a learning app. The gamified learning Practico app allows children to continue learning outside the classroom.


It’s a supplement to children’s learning from the play-based learning curriculum followed in school. The app offers learning through games centred around various subjects. These include Mathematics, Reading, Phonics, Writing, and Cognition. They get to practice these subjects and after all, practice makes perfect.

Why Kreedo Is Your Best Academic Partner for STEM Integration in Your Preschool


Partnering with Kreedo to start a preschool has several benefits. Kreedo has 30+ years of experience and has helped start 2500+ partnering schools. There is also a proven 50% better learning outcome from these schools.


The preschool curriculum developed by Kreedo starts children with hands-on activities. This takes place in the learning lab. Children move to the theory part of learning in the classroom. This leads to a firm foundation brought through the concrete-to-abstract learning approach.


With this learning approach, there’s every reason for a successful STEM learning experience.


What do preschool/school owners benefit from partnering with Kreedo to start a preschool? Here is how owners benefit from the support of Kreedo:


  • Higher admissions
  • Ability to build own brand
  • Faster ROI
  • Higher learning outcomes
  • Reduced teacher burden


These are reasons why academic support from Kreedo is vital to start your preschool.




When making changes to your preschool curriculum requires correct implementation. The support of an academic partner like Kreedo helps implement STEM practices effectively.


Kreedo’s scientifically designed learning materials for partnering preschools/schools teachers and owners ensure hands-on practical learning. Theory learning with books follows this to develop strong foundations in STEM.


Ready to take your preschool curriculum by integrating STEM learning? Partner with Kreedo for trusted implementation to enhance the early learning experience. Contact us today to upgrade your school.




How does the integration of STEM in the preschool curriculum help children?

Incorporating STEM in preschools helps children develop a better understanding. Especially for these subjects; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Strengthening STEM concepts is possible through hands-on learning through specialised learning materials. After cementing practical learning, teachers use theory learning to reinforce concepts.

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Implementing STEM in Preschool Classrooms

Theory to Practical: Implementing STEM in Preschool Classrooms

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