“Anything that is worth teaching can be presented in many different ways. These multiple ways can make use of our multiple intelligences.”
Howard Gardner


“Anything that is worth teaching can be presented in many different ways. These multiple ways can make use of our multiple intelligences.”
Howard Gardner

1. Why do we need a curriculum for preschool?

It has been identified that the early years from 2-6 are one of the most important time for brain development and learning in a child. It has been proven by experts world over repeatedly that the capacity for a child to absorb concepts and learning is the highest during these years. So, it is very necessary to identify areas of development that need to be focused on during these years of the child’s development and ensure that the same is imparted in an effective manner to the child. Blackboard learning and learning by rote does not work nowadays. The child learns through experience and repeatedly performing activities that interest him / her. For the 1st to 12th grades in schools, a curriculum is defined by whether the school follows ICSE, CBSE or State boards based on what the school has adopted. But, no such standards have been defined in the preschool segment. Hence, it is extremely important that a clear cut curriculum is defined and enabled by materials which can be used to develop a variety of skill sets, interests and intelligences in the child. 

2. If I want to set up a preschool, how can Kreedo help me?

Kreedo provides a complete preschool solution that enables you to set up a premium, world class preschool. The focus of the solution is in two areas: 

Setting up the preschool

  • Kreedo helps you right from the time you name your school, to your logo design, designing your pamphlets, brochures, sign boards, ad banners etc. Kreedo will help you build your own brand.
  • Kreedo will also provide a marketing manual detailing how to successfully market your school (Depending on the offering chosen).
  • Kreedo will train you to talk to parents so that you can clearly talk about how your school will help their children in various aspects of their education.
  • Kreedo will provide you with all the templates necessary for you to run the school including parent enquiry form, admission forms, receipts, fee structure, calendar, parent hand outs and more.
  • Kreedo will provide you with inputs on how to setup your school in terms of the layout of materials, effective use of outdoor area, painting and more.

Running a preschool

  • Kreedo provides a Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum that imbibes the best practices from several established education methodologies. We have identified various intelligences / skills that could be either interest based or need based as the case may be and have identified methodologies, techniques and materials that would develop and enable those skills in the child. The curriculum objectives themselves are a lot more advanced compared to those offered by others and the curriculum provides a stress free way to achieve them for every child.
  • Solution includes high quality Educational Materials to support the curriculum.
  • Furniture to create a high class environment.
  • A multimedia based teacher training software that includes videos on how to present the materials to the child. Continuous training & monitoring throughout the year through video conferencing, skype calls and one-to-one teleconferencing. 5-day intensive training workshops for all our customers at our model preschool in Bangalore which is also our academic headquarters.
  • A child evaluation software that enables the teacher to create an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for every child and track the development of the child in the environment by effectively observing and recording information about the child’s activities on a day-to-day basis.

3. What is the post setup support that I can expect from Kreedo?

Once your preschool is set up and running, you would be completely trained in implementing the curriculum and working with children. This does not mean our interactions stop here.

Kreedo is continuously working on improving the curriculum by introducing new concepts, materials and activities based on our research and working with our children in our own model school. These improvements will be available for all our customers as and when they come up. These will be provided to all partners at a nominal cost which will allow them to keep themselves up to date with the latest in the preschool education space.

Customers are welcome to call us for any kind of academic support that they need throughout. At nominal additional costs, Kreedo will also provide you with continuous spare support to ensure that the materials are replaced every time which reduces the total cost of ownership of the equipment purchased. Also, we will undertake repair work from time to time on materials that can be repaired. Replacement sets are also available as and when required.

Kreedo will also arrange special workshops / training that may be required by your school on topics of relevance. Charges for the same would be communicated in advance. If there are any extra training requirements that your school might require, we could send our trainers to your premises for the same. Charges for the same will be mutually agreed upon before the same is finalized.

The curriculum will be constantly upgraded. Hence, new ways of working with equipment as well as new materials will be introduced every year or as and when they become available.

Our software is constantly updated with new ways of working and new topics. These would be available for download for all our preschools.

For any other special requests, we are always just a phone call away. 

4. Which age group is the solution targeted at? 

The preschool solution is meant for children belonging to the 2 years to 6 years age group. We have broken up the solution offerings such that the investments can be staggered. The first offering is for the age group of children between 2 years to 4 years. The second offering is for children between the age group of 4 years to 6 years.

5. Do we provide any school kits like dresses / uniforms / stationery etc.?

Kreedo does not provide any dresses / uniforms as part of the solution offerings. We will be providing work books for the age groups of 3 to 4 years, 4 to 5 years and 5 to 6 years as part of our offering which will form a part of the student kit. We will also be providing teacher planners, assessment booklets, daily observation sheets, printed paper for writing exercises etc. as part of our kit which will be necessary to implement the curriculum. As regards to dresses / uniforms – we again encourage the school not to have rigid classroom uniforms for the preschool and allow the child to dress the way they would like. The main rule that can be enforced is to ensure that the dressing is simple without being flashy and not have too many writings on the T shirts and dresses. As regards to items such as school bags / water bottles, again these can be requested by the parents to purchase and the school can just provide guidelines. Again, since the curriculum is not designed to burden the child heavily by providing too much homework, we will not be having heavy schoolbags that the child will be carrying back and forth. 

6. What is the methodology all about? How are children taught various concepts? Do we use books to teach children? 

The curriculum is based on didactic educational materials that have been designed to teach children various concepts. These are learning aids that help the child understand various concepts and develop their skills. Books are a limited part of the curriculum and are not the core. Workbooks are mainly used as assessment tools. For the age group of 2 years to 4 years, the curriculum has a few pictorial books that are intended to develop the reading habit and understand pictorial illustrations. Books play a bigger role in the 4 years to 6 years’ curriculum, but a majority of the concepts are taught with wooden educational materials rather than books. Books just serve to reinforce some of the concepts and are used as workbooks more than anything else.

7. Is it a traditional classroom concept? Will we have tables and chairs and so on? 

No, this is not a traditional classroom concept of having benches and desks and having a teacher teaching with a blackboard. The methodology is to have a classroom where the materials are arranged in such a way such that children will work with the materials and while doing so learn and develop various skills at their own pace. Teachers play the role of observers and directors where they present the materials to the child and then allow the child to play, learn and discover. A majority of the work and presentations are done on the ground where children sit on mats and work with low level tables called Chowkis. The table and chairs (which are limited in number) provided as part of the environment are used only for specific activities which are defined as part of the curriculum.

8. What is the ideal teacher to child ratio recommended? 

The teacher to child ratio recommendations vary based on the number of children in various age groups. For children between the age group of 2 years to 3 years, the ideal ratio would be 1:8. For children between the age group of 3 to 4.5 years, the idea ratio would be 1:12, and for the age group of 4.5 years to 6 years, the ideal ratio would be 1:15. 

9. What is the area required to run the preschool? 

The area required obviously depends on the number of students the school will accommodate. Typically for about 30 students, we require a minimum of 900 to 1000 sq.ft. of space and as the number of students goes up, the area requirement will increase though not necessarily proportionally.

10. How many students can the materials and curriculum accommodate? 

The educational materials / equipment provided with the solution offering for the 2-4year age group is sufficient to accommodate about 60 children provided there are enough adults / teachers to manage the children. The furniture set up provided initially is good enough for 30-40 children. For the additional admissions beyond 40 children, the school may have to invest in a few additional furniture pieces such as sitting mats, chowkis and so on. Investment in additional material will only be needed if the count goes beyond 60 children. 

11. How many of each variety of material is provided with the kit? 

Most of the educational materials as part of the kit are 1 in number as part of the offering except items such as chowkis, sitting mats, working mats, chairs and so on which we provide more than one as per the requirement of the classroom. Please do look at the kit break up sheet to know exactly what is provided with the solution. The idea is that each child will work with different materials in the environment at any point in time. The child is also taught to wait his / her turn when some other child is working with materials of his / her interest. 

12. What would be the costs? What would be included in the costs? 

Please do contact us for costs of various solution offerings as we have different options which would determine the final costing of each. This is a one-time set up cost and there are no mandatory recurring costs (such as royalties). Please do send us your requirements and we will revert with the best possible solution for your requirements.

13. How will Kreedo help in marketing our school to get admissions? 

Kreedo is focussed on helping you build a successful preschool brand. Our services range from finalizing the name of your school, designing your logo, designing your pamphlets, brochures, templates for every form required to providing you a marketing manual on how to market your school as well as talking to parents effectively to garner admissions.

We will also review any marketing collateral that you would need to circulate, while providing you with ideas for events that will captivate the parents. Our training program has special slots for training on how to market your school effectively. The training also highlights the differences between Kreedo and other preschools and convinces parents on why they should admit their child into a preschool following Kreedo curriculum vis-a-vis some other preschool. 

14. What do I need from my side to set up the school?

We require the following as a necessity to set up a preschool:

  • Passion to work with children
  • Adults willing to work with children
  • Physical infrastructure in terms of building and place to run the preschool

Guidelines for the physical infrastructure and number of teachers needed would be given after understanding the requirements of the preschool.

15. How do I get teachers? How do I train them? 

Kreedo will provide you with inputs on how and where you can recruit your teachers. We will also provide you with inputs on how to interview teachers and what to look for in them. We will also interview teachers for their final rounds before recruitment (maximum of 4) to ensure you get the right person for the job. 

16. Are there any government regulations / accreditations that are required for a preschool? 

Different states have different rules with respect to registration for preschools. We advise customers to do the necessary checks in their area with the local government offices before proceeding with the project as rules keep changing from place to place and time to time.

17. Do we need to run the school under the “Kreedo” brand name? How is it different from a preschool franchisor? Is there any royalty? 

Kreedo is NOT a preschool franchisor. We believe that you can successfully build your own preschool brand with the tools that we provide you with. We only franchise our curriculum and hence, we request all the preschools that adopt the Kreedo offering to mention “Follows Kreedo Curriculum” on their advertisement / hoardings. Even this is not mandatory, though it would be helpful when you talk to parents to let them know that you are following a recognized curriculum. There is no royalty. The major chunk of the investment will be one time as mentioned in the offering costs. There is a small annual fee of Rs. 15000/- that we currently charge for maintaining our curriculum software, assessment solutions and academic support. Again even this is optional if the owner feels he / she is completely empowered and does not require support services in the future. 

18. How does the “Kreedo” brand help us? 

As we will be simultaneously working to increase parent awareness for understanding the importance of preschool curriculum and also the effectiveness of the Kreedo curriculum, we believe that following the Kreedo curriculum will assist the school in building its own brand. Also, when owners talk to parents and mention that they are following a recognized curriculum, it adds to the credibility of the preschool. 

19. If I am running a preschool, how can Kreedo help me? 

As mentioned above, Kreedo has developed a revolutionary preschool solution that can take your existing preschool to the next level in terms of the type of education imparted to the child, feedback to parents on the strengths / interests of the child and also ensuring that there is a structured path for every child to develop skills and interests. Hence, adopting the Kreedo curriculum would help you get better return on your investments as well as providing the best for the child in your preschool. 

20. Can we choose selected materials from the offering? 

The offering cannot be broken up piece meal as there are a lot of inter-dependencies that ensure the effectiveness of the offering. Removing even a single cog from the wheel would result in a dip in the overall effectiveness of the offering and its benefits to the school. But, we do provide offering options which allow you to gradually upgrade your curriculum.

21. Does this model work in a non-Metro area? 

The solution was developed with focus on semi-urban areas, tier 2 and tier 3 cities. All these places usually have a high demand for quality education. The parents are less likely to be carried away by fancy brand names, and more likely to attach importance to quality education.
The low set up cost ensures that you can provide state-of-the-art preschool education in an effective manner to children in the non-metro areas at an affordable price. Also, the “Wow” factor for such a premium curriculum would be a lot higher in the non-metro areas which would attract the parents a lot more easily.

22. What is the Return on Investment? When can I break even? 

Kreedo is not a franchisor and hence we do not commit to any return on investment as is the market norm. What we can assure you is that since the set up costs are low, the school would break even a lot faster and the return on investments would be considerably high. Also, since it is not a royalty based model, there are no recurring costs from a curriculum perspective which again increases the Return on Investment. 

23. Can I take a basic offering and upgrade to the next? 

Yes, the investments can be staggered where the customer can adopt a basic offering to start with and gradually upgrade the curriculum over a period of time.

24. How will the curriculum be updated? 

Kreedo will regularly update the curriculum by introducing new materials along with training videos and evaluation strategies which the customers could upgrade to. Also, we will be providing regular activities through our curriculum software which can be adopted by teachers to apply in the environment. 

25. How are we different from a franchisee? 

Kreedo is a solution provider. We are giving you all the tools you need to run a preschool and for this, we charge a fixed one-time charge. There are no royalties. We encourage the customers to build their own preschool brand and we believe that with the tools and expertise we provide, the customer can run a best-in-class preschool. Given our attractive solution offerings, the investments to start a preschool are quite low and hence the return on investments is much faster.  Also, the curriculum solution being provided ensures that the customer does not have to be dependent on Kreedo for ongoing support. This we do through teacher training videos, knowledge base support and other such mechanisms. The curriculum itself is revolutionary, incorporating methodologies from the best in class theories and practices in the world today (including Montessori, Multiple Intelligence and so on) – and if implemented in the right fashion, it will provide a benchmark preschool education that others will find very difficult to match or achieve.

26. How was the curriculum developed?

When the curriculum was originally developed, extensive research was done to ensure that we are doing the right thing for the overall development of the child. Inputs were taken from the following sources:

  • Several early childhood educationists
  • Various books related to the cognitive as well as overall development of the child
  • Special educators
  • Montessorians
  • Preschool owners
  • Teachers who work with the children

We took 2 years to do research in several areas and combined this with our experience with preschools for 20 years and developed this curriculum. The curriculum places a lot of emphasis on the overall development of the child, keeping in mind the competitive world we live in today and the expectations of parents from preschools, and finally helping the child adapt to this environment. We opened our self owned model preschool in Bangalore in 2013 to continue our research and experiments on early childhood methodologies and refine our curriculum. All our experiences of working with children are fed back into improving our curriculum. This is an ongoing exercise where we keep working on finding new ways of contributing to the overall development of the child.

27. What is the company background? What experience does the company have in this space?

Kreedo Early Childhood Solutions is a product of Kido Enterprises, a brand that has been in the Montessori and preschool space for over 25 years, with the aim of developing and nurturing young minds across the globe. 

28. Where are the learning/educational materials manufactured? 

The learning materials are manufactured in a massive 40,000 plus square feet, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility right here in India.