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Why a Kreedo Preschool is Worth It

Why a Kreedo Preschool is Worth It!

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • Reasons Why a Kreedo Preschool is Worth Investing in
  • Why a Kreedo Preschool is Worth It
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


Kreedo has become a popular name when it comes to preschools. Being one of the largest academic solutions in India, a Kreedo preschool is turning out to be a wise investment for education enthusiasts who have always dreamed of starting their own preschool under their own individual brand.


largest academic solutions in India

Reasons Why a Kreedo Preschool is Worth Investing in

Some educators may be put off starting a preschool as the thought of all the requirements and the costs may seem extremely high and complex. But, with the help of Kreedo, the idea of starting a preschool doesn’t seem like an impossible thought for anyone.

Increased Awareness & Demand for Early Education

India has always been a hot spot for education with parents always looking to provide the best education for their children from a young age. Parents are now waking up to the idea of starting earlier than school.

Additionally, with the higher occurrence of working parents, they would prefer their children start at a preschool to have an easier time in school. Many would say that a preschool helps children to learn easier when it comes to full-time school, this is in many ways true.

Pre-school is essential for young children between the ages of 3-5 as it comes with a host of benefits to equip children for further learning. How does preschool benefit children? In countless ways that could actually set children up for a better future.

Benefits of Preschool for Children

  • Develops social skills and learns to play with other children
  • Nurtures curiosity – the foundation for learning
  • Builds motor and cognitive skills for faster growth and development
  • Prepares children for further learning
  • Promotes the development of emotions
  • Teaches children to follow instructions and instills obedience


Benefits of Preschool for Children

Vast Experience

Another reason proving that a Kreedo preschool is well worth it is the fact that the company has been in this industry for over a decade and has effectively adapted to the requirements of parents and children.

Educational requirements are always evolving and staying relevant in such an industry, Kreedo preschool solutions is a one-stop solution for anyone seeking to start a preschool or upgrade their preschool to suit modern requirements.

Great Market Presence

Kreedo is a well-known name in the preschool/school solutions provider. We have already helped start or upgrade over 2,000 academic institutes across India. When searching for a preschool or school partner, Kreedo comes out as the top and most renowned name.

Given Kreedo’s immense success in the academic scene in India, you won’t have to go out of your way to market your school brand when Kreedo is already so well marketed. Being affiliated with such a large brand will grant you rewards when you start up your preschool with Kreedo as your resource partner.

Kreedo Preschool: A Tried & Tested Formula

Starting off your own education establishment alone can be a tough journey without the promise of success. A Kreedo Preschool presents your best chances of success as we have years of experience in helping individuals realize their entrepreneurial ambitions.

The Kreedo success rate is impressive with their clients delivering a new-age learning experience to over 300,000 children across the country. With a perfect process and customized resources such as specially crafted curriculum and trained teachers.

Become Part of a 2,200+ Family

The Kreedo school list has already crossed 2,200+ partners and is still growing! With such a huge client base the academic partner must be doing something right! The secret to their success is the ability to provide everything needed to start a preschool, a successful one at that! A Kreedo school or preschool isn’t just any regular institute that is opened as an investment for profits, it’s an investment in child education.
That said, you can easily see the results of Kreedo in the form of thousands of satisfied clients all running a successful preschool with the help of Kreedo. Several client testimonials are also available to show how Kreedo works and how simple the partnership could be for new school owners.

Delivering Quality Resources to Students

Most other preschools choose to adopt a stricter approach to learning. But with Kreedo’s coursework, the motto is literally to learn through play. Using a clear understanding of how children of preschool age function and absorb knowledge, Kreedo preschool activities are crafted to ensure optimal learning.

A variety of activities are combined with the course learning to make a curriculum that is enjoyable for both children and the teachers. Any child will be excited to learn when incorporating learning and playing in indoor and outdoor settings.

NEP and NCF Aligned Curriculum

Parents are often worried about whether or not their children’s learning follows the government-approved curriculum of the National Education Policy (NEP). Well parents and even more so, prospective preschool owners will be relieved to know that Kreedo follows both NEP and NCF guidelines, ensuring that your little ones are on the right path to a bright future filled with learning.
Starting off with an NEP and NCF-aligned curriculum from an early age will equip younger children for further NEP and NCF in school and throughout their education as well.


When looking to start a new journey as a preschool owner, you can’t ask for a better partner than Kreedo. Starting you off with everything needed to find success in the competitive field of education for young children, they offer everything from branding to marketing and resources and everything else in between.

Any investment made in starting up a Kreedo preschool will be well worth it as in turn, you will be rewarded when maintaining a high-quality experience that both children and parents approve of.


Q.1) What is Kreedo’s 6T learning framework?

Ans. The 6T framework created by Kreedo refers to Toys and Games, Theory, Timetable, Training, Technology, and Teamwork. Kreedo believes this is a winning combination to teach children about learning. It incorporates curriculum and play, ensuring that learning is fun and not a boring process for children.

Q.2) When opening a Kreedo preschool what assistance will Kreedo provide?

Ans. Kreedo helps with multiple aspects of opening and running your own preschool or school. This includes the identification of target segments, branding, fee structure, curriculum, marketing, teacher training, and recruitment, as well as timetable management.

Q.3) Is it possible to run a profitable preschool?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to run a preschool and still make profits. The preschool solutions offered by Kreedo are not subject to royalties and franchise fees, meaning unnecessary costs are kept to a minimum from the start.

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