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Improve Your Teaching With Innovative Preschool Curriculum Strategies for 2024

Table Of Content

  • Introduction to the Development of Preschool Curriculum
  • Key Elements of a Successful Preschool Curriculum
  • Strategies to Improve Your Preschool Curriculum for 2024
  • Tools, Resources, and Training for Educators and Entrepreneurs
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Starting a preschool is a rewarding experience. You get an opportunity to shape lives by offering effective early childhood education. The rewarding experience is also shared with all your teachers a vital asset to your preschool. They get to earn from something they are passionate about doing. Also, their skills with the preschool curriculum will influence children’s learning outcomes.

Improving teaching to deliver better learning outcomes is a goal for your preschool. This blog looks at strategies you can use to achieve this goal.


Introduction to the Development of Preschool Curriculum


Preschool is the first step in education for children between 2 and 6. Implementing a child-centred curriculum that values concrete concepts rather than memorisation is vital.


Kreedo helps you implement this through a Learning Lab. It is a structured learning environment with 250+ learning materials. Besides this, children also learn in a classroom with educational materials such as books.


Kreedo focuses on practical and theoretical learning. It leads to learning in a two-part preschool setup, a learning lab and a classroom.


This helps to follow the ‘concrete to abstract’ learning methodology. It allows children to learn practical concepts in the lab, and then practice in the classroom.


Kreedo Preschool Curriculum


Apart from this, you must focus on education that delivers holistic child development. Parents want their children to develop all-round. Your preschool can be where it happens.


Key Elements of a Successful Preschool Curriculum


A successful preschool curriculum should focus on activity-based learning. Kreedo has developed a play-based curriculum. It follows a hands-on approach to teaching every subject.


Kreedo provides further support to you to help implement this play-based curriculum. It is available through our 6T Framework offering 6 crucial components:

  • Toys and Games
  • Theory
  • Timetable
  • Training
  • Technology
  • Teamwork

Implementing the Kreedo-based curriculum successfully requires the supporting 6T Framework.


Kreedo-based curriculum


Developmental Milestones and Learning Objectives

Continuous assessment of child progress acts as a marker to determine teaching effectiveness. It also allows teachers to cater to the needs of all children. Through remedial work, teachers ensure children’s skills are up-to-date with the requirements.

Through the Kreedo 6T Framework App, teachers can track student progress. It allows for continuous assessments, remedial, and report generation.

Incorporating Technology into Early Education

Technology in early education helps you run your preschool and reduce teacher burden. Furthermore, incorporating the 6T Framework App also provides endless resources.

Other benefits of the 6T Framework App include:

  • Comprehensive help/learning module
  • Helps in conducting child assessment and provides child progress reports
  • Allows for remedial, ensures children catch up on required skills
  • Helps teachers manage timetables for lab and classroom activities

Through child observation and assessment, teachers can track literacy and numeracy development.

Emotional and Social Learning for Preschoolers

Preschools should focus on other aspects of development besides academic development. Apart from delivering the curriculum, it should also focus on socio-emotional development. A balance between the two helps children develop in all areas and succeed in life.

Customizing Curriculum for Diverse Learning Styles

Catering to various learning styles requires using different teaching strategies and aids. Also, teachers can use continuous assessment. This helps to ensure all children reach the skill requirements of the curriculum.

Strategies to Improve Your Preschool Curriculum for 2024

Improved teaching strategies lead to better implementation of your curriculum. Teachers’ skills must develop and new teaching approaches must be utilised. This will help children develop literacy, numeracy, and socio-emotional skills faster.

Interactive Learning: Games and Technology Integration

Children learn through play, making games a powerful tool in early childhood education. Adopting the Kreedo play-based curriculum leads to effective, engaging, and interactive learning.


Technology playing the role of an enabler in learning is one you cannot avoid. Technology helps learning continue outside the classroom as well.


The gamified learning app from Kreedo called Practico helps to continue learning. It helps reinforce Mathematics, Reading, Phonics, Writing, and Cognition concepts using educational games.


Practico features 100+ games and stories. It helps children turn their passive time into productive active learning time.

Outdoor and Exploratory Learning Experiences

Including the outdoors and exploration allows for sensorial experiences. It allows children to experiment with and develop their senses. In turn, this will allow children to learn more with the help of their senses.

Teachers can once again use teaching aids to help children develop sensory skills.

The Role of Art and Creativity in Cognitive Development

Art activities help children develop creativity. Also, teachers can use it to their advantage for cognitive skill development.

Through art and creativity, children develop various cognitive skills. These include reasoning, problem-solving, memory retention, and attentiveness.

Tools, Resources, and Training for Educators and Entrepreneurs

The improvement of teachers’ skills, educational resources, and support helps deliver the curriculum. Teaching resources include learning through books, educational toys, and visual aids.

Essential Educational Resources for Curriculum Development

Activity-based learning requires both practical and theory lessons, in the lab and classroom. For this, teachers will need educational resources in both areas.

When you partner with Kreedo, you gain access to multiple educational resources. This includes:

  • Books
  • Wall displays

Each one acts as extra support to teachers, helping them implement the curriculum.

Professional Development: Workshops and Teacher Training Programs

The Pre-Primary Teacher Training Course (PTTC) is an exclusive course by Kreedo. It helps teachers implement preschool curriculum using certain teaching methodologies and tools.

Teacher training programs such as the PTTC help teachers adapt to children’s needs. It also helps them implement the Kreedo curriculum in a way children easily absorb. Teachers benefit from the Kreedo Pre-Primary Teacher Training Course in the following ways:

  • Effective implementation of curriculum in the lab and classroom
  • Identify the best age-appropriate teaching strategies
  • Upskill abilities and refine knowledge


Teacher Training Program

Networking and Collaborative Opportunities in Early Childhood Education

Starting a successful preschool requires the effective implementation of a preschool curriculum. Having an academic partner for support is highly beneficial.

Kreedo has been a trusted academic partner for 30+ years. We have vast experience establishing, running preschools, and upgrading existing schools. Our 2500+ partnered schools across the country have helped impact 5,00,000+ children. All while consistently delivering 50% better learning outcomes.

You can partner with Kreedo to start a preschool, run it, or upgrade an existing preschool. You get the following benefits from choosing Kreedo as an academic partner:

  1. Non-franchise model, no royalty fees
  2. Higher admissions
  3. 50% better learning outcomes
  4. Reduced teacher burden
  5. Comprehensive all-round support
  6. Faster break even, high ROI
  7. Build your brand


Improving teaching through innovative preschool curriculum strategies includes the following:

  • Integrating games and technology
  • Outdoor exploratory learning
  • Art and creativity for cognitive development
  • Educational resources
  • Professional development through workshops and training programs
  • Partnering with an expert for academic support

These strategies and support from Kreedo can help your preschool. It helps provide early childhood education that leads children to brighter futures.

Are you ready to enhance your teachers’ skills with dynamic preschool curriculum strategies and deliver an unforgettable learning experience for your students? If so, start the change today and Contact us!


What are the benefits of partnering with Kreedo to start a preschool?

Kreedo assists in various ways. This includes choosing a preschool location, identifying suitable segments, brand building, fee structuring. They also help in curriculum development, marketing, teacher recruitment and training, and marketing.

How is the Kreedo-developed preschool curriculum better than others?

The Kreedo curriculum is a child-centred curriculum that focuses on activity-based learning. As a result, children learn through practical learning theory learning and various strategies. This leads to perfect holistic child development in all areas.

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