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How to start your preschool business: Comprehensive guide

Table of Content

  • Why Open a Preschool as a Business?
  • Steps to Start a Preschool Business
  • Setting Up a Preschool
  • Running a Preschool Successfully
  • Partner With Kreedo for Academic Excellence
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


Starting a preschool business is a rewarding experience. Educators get the opportunity to shape the educational journey of children. As an educator starting a preschool, you also get to pass on your knowledge and experience and still earn from your passion. Partnering with an expert in early childhood education offers the best guidance on how to start a preschool business that is successful.


Why Choose a Preschool as a Business?


With the increased awareness of early education, parents want their children to have the best early education to form a foundation for higher education.


Owning a preschool can be financially rewarding too! You can experience a faster breakeven when making wise investments.


Reasons for the increase in preschool education demand include:


  1. Child brain development is fastest in the early years of life.
  2. Academic support in early years can set children up for later success.


Apart from enriching child lives, you enrich a community by providing effective preschool education. Preschools help communities improve while also presenting job opportunities for teachers.


Child brain development


Writing out steps of how to start a preschool business leads to better execution of plans. Let’s explore each of the crucial steps involved in preschool opening requirements


Steps to Start a Preschool Business


Becoming a preschool owner requires you to think of it in two parts. This is:


  1. Setting up a preschool
  2. Running a preschool


Both of these steps are necessary to start for a preschool. Executing them correctly, with the right assistance will lead to a successful preschool.


Setting Up a Preschool


Many of these steps of setting up a preschool involve gathering and implementing preschool opening requirements. After gathering all the requirements comes the time to put them together chronologically to create an effective learning environment.


1. Identify Your Vision


Take your time and define your vision to establish the following:


  • Their reasons for opening a preschool
  • Goals they hope to achieve through their preschool
  • Future ambitions for the preschool


2. Licensing Requirements


Opening a preschool comes with a range of requirements for new owners. As owners, you need to be aware of all the requirements. There are several legal and compliance requirements to consider when opening a preschool.


These include:


  • Government registration licences
  • Health and safety permits
  • Fire and safety permits
  • Tax registration licence


Need more details on legal and licensing requirements to start a preschool?


These are a few of the legal requirements to open any business. Before opening a preschool business, owners must look at all preschool opening requirements.


 preschool opening requirements


3. Develop a Preschool Business Plan


A preschool business plan will act as a guide for opening your preschool. A business plan is a list of steps showing how to start a preschool business and the finer details.


This includes:




This includes details about money. Including costs, and plans to cover costs and become profitable.




This details the preschool management plan, including the chain of command. It also shows who is managing which department or overseeing what process.




The details of the day-to-day preschool activities necessary to reach the goals.




This section shows the strategy to increase admissions and ensure full classrooms.




The growth section focuses on the strategy necessary to expand the preschool over the next 2 years.


4. Choose an Appropriate Location


Choosing your preschool location is an important process. The reason selecting the right preschool location is important is because it influences the target audience and fee structure.


Your preschool location should be:


  • Accessible
  • Safe
  • A welcoming and suitable environment for early child learning


Parents look at these factors. These factors help parents decide if your preschool is the best option for their child.


5. Building & Designing Your Infrastructure


When building your preschool infrastructure, it is vital to make an age-appropriate environment. It includes furniture suitable for small children and interiors encouraging learning and curiosity.


Incorporate educational materials in classrooms such that they help the development of literacy and numeracy skills. Installing CCTV cameras is necessary to ensure safety and reassure concerned parents.


Prioritising safety and infrastructure is crucial to reassuring parents their children are safe and learning in a secure environment.


6. Select a Supportive Academic Partner


Having an academic partner to guide you on how to start a preschool business is beneficial. They can provide detailed insight into what is the best step to take to start a preschool.


An experienced academic partner like Kreedo advises you on important points such as curriculum. We provide a curriculum that meets children’s needs and educational policies.


The Kreedo curriculum is based on play-based learning. It works through hands-on learning experiences with the help of scientifically designed scientifically designed lab materials.


The knowledge gained through hands-on learning is then backed up with theory learning that includes classroom activities and books. To help teachers, our 6T Curriculum App reduces the burden, provides endless resources, and allows for continuous child assessment.


Imagine an application that would help teachers and owners manage the administration and education in their schools seamlessly. We already have it in the form of the Kreedo 6T Curriculum App.


7. Hire Qualified Staff


A preschool requires staff genuinely passionate about early education and children. You’ll find it beneficial to hire individuals whose ideas align with your vision. That ensures preschool owners can work together with their staff to achieve goals


Not sure how to enhance your preschool team? Here are the best practices for hiring and training preschool staff for your preschool


Apart from having teaching experience, preschool teachers also require a compassionate and supportive character.


8. Market Your Preschool


Marketing your preschool requires using both offline methods and digital methods. Offline methods include posters and flyers. Digital methods include advertising on social media platforms and internet ads.


Read all about building your preschool brand: marketing strategies for success.


Running a Preschool Successfully


Once you have started your preschool and have education material set up the next step follows. That is running your preschool and how effectively you do this can define your success.


Are you already a preschool owner? Did you know that Kreedo provides the opportunity to upgrade your preschool to deliver the best early childhood education a parent can get for their child? Upgrade Your Preschool today to deliver a child a better tomorrow!


Implement the Curriculum


Implementing the best preschool curriculum can lead to higher learning outcomes, something preschool owners must focus on. The focus should also be on an early education that delivers holistic child development.


Develop Positive School Culture


Children require a safe, secure, and nurturing environment to learn effectively. With the help of a supportive community building a positive school culture is possible.


A supportive community consists of staff, parents, and children.


Engage With Parents


Maintaining open and transparent communication with parents and caregivers ensures they remain partners in their children’s education. After all, learning doesn’t stop when children step out of your classroom, it continues at home.


Manage Finances Wisely


Preschool owners should closely monitor various aspects of finances associated with running a preschool. This includes budget, expenses, and revenue streams.


Doing so will ensure costs don’t exceed revenue and the preschool maintains financial stability.


Partner With Kreedo for Academic Excellence


Kreedo is an expert in early education solutions with 30+ years of experience and 2500+ partnered schools and has positively impacted 5,00,000+ children. Kreedo preschool solutions lead to 50% better learning outcomes.


Choosing Kreedo offers you the opportunity to:


  1. Deliver higher learning outcomes
  2. Faster return on investment (ROI)
  3. Start a non-franchise preschool without royalty fees
  4. Build your own bran
  5. Reduce the burden on teachers
  6. Higher admissions
  7. Gain comprehensive support


By choosing Kreedo, edupreneurs can access a wealth of preschool experience. It includes step-by-step guidance on how to start a preschool business, branding, fee structure, curriculum development, teacher recruitment and training, marketing, and time management.


how to start a preschool business


By partnering with Kreedo, you join a community of educators. Benefit from a community that provides insights about best practices to deliver excellent preschool education.




Opening a preschool business is a fulfilling way for educators to contribute to society. It presents the opportunity to change a child’s future and life.


The steps of how to start a preschool business are:


  • Identify a vision
  • Licence requirements
  • Develop a business plan
  • Choose a location
  • Build your infrastructure
  • Select a supportive academic partner
  • Hire qualified staff
  • Market your preschool


Partnering with childhood education solutions provider Kreedo provides all the support educators need. A Kreedo preschool delivers higher learning outcomes and achieves faster ROI.


Ready to start your preschool? Let Kreedo Early Education Solutions be your trusted partner for preschool business success. Reach out to us to start your journey as a preschool owner today!




How does Kreedo help make your new preschool a success?

Kreedo knows how to start a preschool business that is successful and assists by taking care of the 4 P’s. These are Place, Product, Price, and Promotion. This relates to the ideal target segment, curriculum, fee structure, and advertising/marketing to increase admissions.


Is there a defined set of steps on how to start a preschool business at home?

Starting a preschool at home is relatively the same as starting one at a different location. The only difference is the location. However, the same preschool opening requirements apply.

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