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Dreaming of being an education change maker? Partner with Kreedo to make your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur a reality.

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Partner with Kreedo for end-to-end support in starting and running your preschool / school

Build Your Own Brand

Why work for some other brand when you can build your own? Kreedo helps you in building your own successful brand of preschool / school in your neighbourhood.

High ROI with Non Franchise and No Royalties

Kreedo partner schools achieve a much higher return on investment (ROI) because we do not charge any franchise fees or royalties with our non-franchise model.

Phenomenal Outcomes

The reason a school exists is to deliver learning. Kreedo’s play based curriculum and 6T framework delivers unmatched learning to differentiate your school in the market

Comprehensive support

Kreedo helps in all aspects right from naming the school, identifying the right place, target segment, fee structure, branding, marketing, teacher recruitment, timetable, training, technology and more.

Did you know that Kreedo is the largest non-franchise preschool solution provider in India with 2200+ partners in more than 350+ towns and cities?

While starting a preschool / school, Kreedo helps you finalize the 4 main ‘P’s that are critical to start


Kreedo helps zero in on the right place and guides you on setting up the place based on the target segment.


Kreedo helps you arrive at the right fee to charge based on the place.


Kreedo’s 6T program becomes your product, the best learning a child can get. This kick starts and supports your journey as a new school owner.


Kreedo helps you formulate the right promotion strategy to be visible and build your brand.

Did you know that Kreedo’s learning outcomes have been benchmarked to be 50% better than market?

Kreedo 6T Learning Framework

The core of the Kreedo 6T framework is play based learning, which is blended with all the components needed to implement the curriculum. Kreedo’s unique methodology making play the route to deliver high learning outcomes every day, differentiates our partner schools from others. The 6T components are described in detail below:

Toys and Games

Toys and Games

To implement the Kreedo curriculum, teachers are trained by Kreedo trainers on implementing practical learning as well as better classroom techniques. Teachers are also constantly mentored and supported by our team for better performance and better state of mind.
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Once the child has learned practically with the learning materials in the lab, the concepts are reinforced in theory via Kreedo Books and classroom activities. Kreedo books and activities are designed with activity sheets and concepts that are mapped completely to the lab activities and takes the child from Concrete learning to Abstract learning.
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A crucial aspect of running a school is to have a timetable that ensures learning is delivered in a timely and planned manner. Kreedo helps the partner schools in setting up a timetable that covers both lab activities and classroom activities at appropriate times, providing detailed guidelines on what needs to be followed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
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To implement the Kreedo curriculum, teachers are trained by Kreedo trainers on implementing practical learning as well as better classroom techniques. Teachers are also constantly mentored and supported by our team for better performance and better state of mind.
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Technology is a key enabler in Kreedo. We leverage technology to ensure teachers have planners, timetables, assessments, report cards, and teacher training modules at the press of a button on the Kreedo 6T app. Kreedo 6T app also helps the school
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Peer Learning is an integral component of Kreedo. Parallel play and collaboration in the lab lead to much higher learning outcomes, while simultaneously supporting their socio-emotional development. This makes children better thinkers and better people.
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Did you know that the Kreedo curriculum is completely aligned with the New Education Policy (NEP) and the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) announced by Government of India?

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When you start with a preschool franchise or a playschool franchise or a kindergarten franchise, you are actually building the franchisors brand rather than your own. When you start a preschool / playschool / Montessori with Kreedo, we help you build your own brand. Your school will not be called “Kreedo”, but will have a brand name of your choice and will be “Powered by Kreedo”. Kreedo supports you a lot more than what a playschool or preschool or Montessori franchise provider does as we are helping you build your own brand. Also, partnering with Kreedo, you get the dual benefit of building your own brand as well as get the assured backing of a brand like Kreedo which is present in 350+ towns, and cities across India.

Kreedo will remain your backend academic partner ensuring the success of your enterprise. With over 30 years of experience in the early education space, we know all about what makes a preschool / school a success.

Most places that run day care centers run a preschool during the day. Day care centers typically continue after the preschool hours so that children can be taken care of until their parents / guardians can pick them. Though there are no curriculum prescriptions for day care centers, Kreedo will provide you with guidelines on what needs to be done within a day care center – which mostly centers around safety, nutrition, rest and activities to keep children engaged.

Education being a state subject, every state in India has its own regulations with respect to registration of preschools. Some states have mandatory registration of preschools with the local education office, whereas others have no registration requirements. The guidelines vary from state to state and are also subject to change based on notifications from the state government. It is always best to check with your local block education office (BEO) in your area to know the latest regulations with respect to preschool registration in your state.

Kreedo’s solution currently caters to Playgroup, Nursery (PreKg), Lower Kindergarten (LKG) and Upper Kindergarten (UKG), Class 1 and Class 2, typically for the age group of children between the ages of 2 to 8 years. In the New Education Policy (NEP) announced by the Government of India in 2020, this covers the first five years of education, which is also described as the Foundational Stage in the policy.

Kreedo focuses on literacy skills (Language), numeracy skills (Maths), Themes (EVS), Sensorial Skills, Cognitive Skills, as well as helping improve the socio-emotional quotient in children. All these areas of development always begin with play or activities first in the curriculum through our Kreedo lab. The child is then taken to abstraction through our Kreedo books, which is again mapped to the practical activities the child does in the lab. We believe the best route to enable learning in children is through a “Concrete to Abstract” or “Practical to Theory” approach.

Kreedo is completely aligned with all aspects of NEP and NCF and a school that implements Kreedo will be compliant to the policy guidelines to a large extent. Kreedo’s solution is mapped for children between the ages of 3-8 years, which covers the Foundational stage of the New Education Policy (NEP). In the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) for the foundational stage released in October 2022 by Government of India, there is a significant emphasis on play based and activity based learning as the basis for all learning in early years and this is the core of Kreedo’s learning philosophy through our Kreedo Lab activities.

Our books are also designed keeping in mind all the foundational literacy and numeracy learning requirements. So, when a child goes to higher classes, their foundation is strong and they will easily adapt to any curriculum, as what they already know will definitely be higher than what is offered in any board.

With respect to alignment to a particular school board, as mentioned above, Kreedo’s curriculum more than meets the objectives set by any board guidelines currently in India and any child going through the curriculum will find it easy to adapt to any of the board stipulations.

Kreedo’s charges for setting up a preschool include a one-time set up cost for the Kreedo Lab, which will take care of all your learning infrastructure in your school (like learning toys, furniture, wall displays, etc.) and a per child implementation cost that includes books, teacher and owner training, access to the Kreedo 6T curriculum app and all our exhaustive support services. Kreedo does not charge any franchise fee, brand fee, retention fee, or royalty fee.
Kreedo provides one of the best return on investment (ROI) in the market where with just 25-30 children, schools can achieve operational breakeven and with 35-40 children, the school even recuperates their initial investment. Please reach out to us to know more about the various package options Kreedo has as well as understand the ROI model once you tie up with Kreedo.

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