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20 Steps to Start a Preschool Business

For individuals who aren’t quite sure how to start a preschool business, Kreedo is a trusted partner in providing preschool solutions and helping individuals start their own preschool brand. Preschool opening requirements include more than just legal filing, there is much more to consider. We have made a list of 20 steps you can follow to start your preschool brand.


Preschool opening requirements


1) Research the Market

Research plays an important part in any activity. It helps to establish if the given idea will fail or succeed and more importantly how to adjust a strategy so that its chances of success improve.


The same applies when you want to start a preschool business. Market research must be conducted to ensure that prospective preschool owners are well aware of what current-day preschools offer. Knowledge of modern trends and available options will put things in mind and help to create the best preschool business plan.

2) Create a Plan

Once you have all the relevant data it is time to devise a plan based on the concrete learnings. This plan should highlight everything about your preschool, the entire plan that will be followed throughout the process.

3) Location

The location of your new preschool business needs to be carefully selected based on the safety and accessibility of the location. Before committing to a location it is important to physically visit and assess several prospective locations.


Since this will be a preschool with young children, a main road may not be the best place to place your preschool. The location should also be strategically selected so as to be close enough for daily traveling. This is not just considering the young children but also all the staff.

4) Competitor Research & Target Audience Demographics

Preschools are becoming quite popular these days with parents awakening to the idea of starting their children’s education earlier.


Hence, it becomes important to establish how your preschool will be any different than the next. Identifying a gap in the market could present you with a unique opportunity to attract an audience that is looking for something that only your preschool would be offering their child.


In every aspect, being successful depends on the ability to identify and fulfill the requirements of your audience.

5) Design a Curriculum

Parents who send their children to preschools expect to see a change in their child’s growth and development. To get results and teach children this young, a specialized curriculum is required, one that incorporates the best way for children to learn which comes naturally to them.


Children naturally learn through playing games and toys as well as socializing. The Kreedo curriculum is based on play-based activities which allows children to learn in both indoor and outdoor settings.

6) Choose a Name

Choosing a name is also another essential action when you start a preschool business. That’s because whatever name is selected will be instrumental in marketing and branding efforts.


You could change your preschool’s name later on but that could possibly lead to other tasks such as changing registration details, and tax details, and it may also impact brand loyalty and awareness. So it would be worthwhile to brainstorm a worthy and memorable preschool name from the get-go.

7) Arrange Finances

Starting off any business, even a preschool will come with costs. Of course, you can take loans that will be paid off when the preschool becomes operational. However, all businesses need to have some starting money.


As the owner you must find a way to source all finances before you start your preschool business. Once this part is sorted you will find that everything else moves along quite smoothly!

8) Branding & Marketing

Creating your own brand is essential to success, especially if you want to develop a preschool franchise of preschool. A brand with an appropriate logo and preschool name would be highly influential in getting your brand out and spreading awareness.


Marketing your brand correctly via the appropriate means will be highly effective in ensuring that you will be able to fill classrooms. It will also ensure that there will be a willingness for other parents to send their child to your preschool in years to come.

9) Register Your Preschool

Making your preschool official often requires you to register your preschool and its name under certain government requirements. This is just one of the preschool opening requirements, especially the ones related to legality.

10) Hiring: Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff

Preschool staff will be the next step, do keep in mind this is a sensitive step as children this young will require teachers with more patience and compassion to ensure little children are able to learn even if they need more time or a softer approach.


Apart from teachers, a preschool will also need non-teaching staff in the form of cleaners, administration, and security.


Preschool Teacher Training Program


11) Building up of Infrastructure

Having chosen your location early on in the process, it comes time to ensure that the preschool is fully equipped and has the best setup to facilitate learning and socializing. Apart from that, the preschool needs to have facilities for everyone such as washrooms, a kitchen, offices, and a sitting area.

12) Choose Hours of Operation

Solidify when your preschool will open and when it will close for clarity to parents and staff as well. Generally, morning timings will suit everyone and help to provide enough time for children and parents to continue learning at home.

13) Carry out Legalities – Taxes & Regulations

Tax filing and government regulations must be followed to ensure your preschool is abiding by the respective rules and laws that govern all businesses. This is important and should be a prioritized step when figuring out how to start your preschool business.

14) Establish Security

Security measures such as CCTV, gates, walls, and security guards should all be factored into the plan. The security measures in place will definitely have an effect on parents’ perceptions of your preschool, and you can consider it one of the preschool opening requirements you must have!

15) Maintain Records

Data will be generated for each student and this will be continued constantly after a regular amount of time. Having a secure storage and retrieval site for this data will be imperative to maintaining health operations where data can be easily accessed and viewed.

16) Ensure Professional Development

To continue growth and development, your preschool staff may want to attend seminars and workshops to ensure learning will be constant not just for children but for the teachers as well. Continuous teacher growth will benefit the children as they get taught better. Not to mention that curriculum changes can be overcome with more training and experience.

17) Set Up Policies

Policies are internal guidelines to be followed by teachers or parents when dealing with the preschool. These are also put in place to ensure safety and health relationships between preschool owners, teachers, parents, and children.

18) Use Automation Tools & Technology

Automation tools and technology will go a long way in ensuring accuracy while also reducing strain on staff, it is the more efficient way of collecting data and accessing it easily from multiple sources.


Many preschools have been harnessing technology in the form of websites and mobile apps.

19) Make Improvements to Improve Efficiency

While running your preschool in its initial years, you will notice certain areas that are not functioning smoothly. Thus, you will probably need to adjust the system to ensure optimal efficiency. This will work to save time and money in the long run.

20) Organize Your Processes & Data

Organization is key to any business and it helps everything function as it should. Keeping organized helps teachers follow the curriculum and take care of the many tasks to be completed every day.


You have probably gathered deep insights into how to start a preschool business as well as what the journey of becoming a preschool owner entails. If a great plan is drawn up from the beginning, the process isn’t as tough if you know what is coming next!


Q.) Do I have to pay franchise fees if I get help from Kreedo Preschool Solutions?

Ans. No, there are no franchise or royalty fees to be paid to Kreedo.

Q.) Can a preschool business be profitable?

Ans. Given that the fee structure is correctly calculated, after some time the business can be profitable. However, note that expenses will have to be managed and profitability may take more time for some preschools.

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