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Play and Learn: How it helps children!

Toys! We all love them! For centuries, toys have been an essential part of children’s lives. But, have you ever thought about how they can help children learn and develop various skills? It’s amazing, isn’t it?

And with activity-based learning becoming increasingly popular, montessori method of teaching materials have become more crucial in promoting learning! But, what is activity-based learning? Well, it’s a fun approach to education that emphasizes hands-on, experiential learning! 

Experiential learning involves “doing,” and it’s the most effective and natural way for children to learn! This method encourages learners to actively engage in their learning process through various activities and experiences, promoting deeper understanding and long-term retention of knowledge. It also promotes the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.  So, why not incorporate toys into this type of learning?

At Kreedo, we believe that toys are an excellent tool for activity-based learning! They provide children with an opportunity to explore, discover, and learn through play. Montessori method of teaching materials help children develop cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills. In Kreedo schools, we start with practical learning and then move on to books, enabling children to absorb and retain information better. This approach fosters long-term memory and sustained learning. 

Toys aren't mere entertainment; they're crucial tools for learning and development, demanding our attention and appreciation

It has been many years since Kreedo started specialising in designing and manufacturing educational toys for children. Kreedo has more than 180 toys/preschool learning materials that are focused on specific developments that meet the learning needs of children. The objective of Kreedo Toys is to provide a fun and engaging way for children to learn and develop their cognitive, physical, and socio-emotional skills providing the child with overall development through concrete learning. The toys are presented in the Kreedo lab, a structured environment, and they are scientifically designed with a specific objective. A single, isolated focus on a toy helps young children develop the ability to focus their attention. Along with that, our toys have a built-in control of error. The phonics teaching materials help children to identify their mistakes and correct them without the help of an adult. As all of our toys is that they are manufactured in-house, it ensures that the toys are of the highest quality and meet the standards set by the company and the manufacturing process is closely monitored for this. Made of natural materials such as wood, Kreedo toys are completely safe for children and the colours we use are certified safe for young children. 

In today’s day and age, it is crucial that we look at play school items not just as a source of entertainment but as an important tool for promoting learning and development, and Kreedo has proven to be a reliable brand that parents can trust. The toys are scientifically designed to cater to specific developmental needs and are focused on enhancing different aspects of a child’s development

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