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Why is a routine important for a child?

Do you ever feel like your day is just all over the place? Well, guess what? Children feel that way too! That’s why they thrive on routine, and a timetable is just what they need! But wait, what is a timetable? It’s not some kind of a secret code, it’s simply a schedule that outlines the daily, weekly, and monthly activities for your preschool programs.

Can you imagine a day without a plan? Chaos, right? That’s why a well-organized timetable ensures that all the necessary subjects and activities are covered during the day and that there is enough time allocated for each of them. This helps to maximize learning time. Also, following a timetable requires self-discipline, a valuable skill that children need to develop.

Wait, there’s more! A timetable encourages children to have a sense of independence and responsibility. They learn to manage their time, prioritize tasks and make decisions about how to allocate them. It’s like giving them superpowers! Plus, it serves as a communication tool for parents to understand what their little ones are up to in school. Isn’t that great? Adding to that, with a balance of activities and sufficient time for learning, playing, resting, and other essential activities, timetables are a vital aspect of early education. That’s why a well-designed timetable plays a crucial role in making the learning process engaging and enjoyable for children. 


Did you know, Kreedo optimizes partner school timetables, balancing labs, classes, and activities for teacher focus on educational goals ?

Now, let’s talk about Kreedo and how they understand the importance of a well-planned and organized curriculum.

As a leading name in early childhood education, Kreedo follows a play-based learning curriculum emphasizing experiential learning and hands-on activities. Our curriculum incorporates the 6T framework, an integrated learning framework, allowing the children to explore and learn at their own pace, by setting up a structured learning environment. The 6Ts are toys, theory, timetable, teachers, technology, and teamwork. While running a school, classrooms and activities must be scheduled in a manner that maximizes learning outcomes. 

Kreedo schedules the daily timetable for all partner schools, dividing the time among laboratory, classroom, and co-curricular activities, in a manner that allows teachers to handle execution and concentrate on achieving educational goals. It includes daily activity plans for labs and classrooms, assessment plants, and remedial plans. Kreedo sets the timetable which can be customized based on the school’s needs, helping them attain the best within the limited resources. 

Kreedo believes that a well-planned and executed timetable can make a significant difference in the learning outcomes of children. Our play-based curriculum and timetable have been designed to foster creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking skills in young children. For those who are in search of a preschool program that emphasizes both comprehensive development and quality education, Kreedo could be a great choice.

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