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Top Preschool Educational Tools for Teachers in 2024

Table of Contents

  • Importance of Preschool Educational Tools
  • Hands-On Learning Materials
  • Sensory Tools
  • Literacy Tools
  • Numeracy Tools
  • Technology-Based Educational Tools
  • Partner With Kreedo to Get the 6T Curriculum App: The Only Preschool Education Tool Your Teachers Need
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


Preschool teachers play a major role in shaping early childhood education. Teachers’ skills can influence the way curriculum is delivered to young children. Given the importance of early education, teachers also handle many other tasks such as planning lessons, conducting assignments, and guiding children. This leads to increased teacher burden.


What if we told you there are various educational tools teachers can use? They would enable a better learning experience for children. A tool from Kreedo even reduces teacher burden and offers additional administrative support. This blog takes a look at all preschool educational tools for teachers.


Kreedo preschool curriculum


Importance of Preschool Educational Tools


Preschool teachers’ skills play a major role in shaping early childhood education. The few years of preschool education lay the foundation for child education.


Teachers must be passionate about teaching. They must apply effort in planning lessons and guiding children through their learning journey. A preschool curriculum is a guiding light. Teachers must make it fun, engaging, interactive, and easy for children to absorb.


Being a teacher comes with a responsibility. They must handle many tasks. This includes handling a class of children, while also finding the most engaging and effective way to teach the curriculum.


To effectively accomplish this, teachers can use several tools. These tools range from tangible learning materials to academic tools, and even technology-based ones.


1. Hands-On Learning Materials


Hands-on educational materials include objects. This allows children to touch, move, and explore under teacher supervision. These tools help build a learning lab. This promotes a sensory experience that aids fine motor and cognitive skill development.


Did you know Kreedo helps you create a learning lab with its scientifically designed educational lab materials that facilitate concrete learning for children? Enquire now to start your preschool.



Learning materials such as puzzles help children to identify and explore different shapes, sizes, and materials. It also helps children develop hand-eye coordination. Teachers can implement learning through these learning materials.

2. Sensory Tools


As the name suggests sensory tools, focus on developing children’s senses. This includes sight, smell, hearing, and touch. A multitude of materials can help achieve this. Teacher training provides teachers with the best techniques that can be used with material aids.

Smelling Bottles


Part of developing a child’s sensory skills requires olfactory development. This is the sense of smell and identification of scents. Teachers can create exciting and engaging sensory experiences by adding scented products to these bottles.


Children can then smell the product through the holes at the top of the bottle. Lessons involving smelling bottles help children develop their sense of smell and identify certain objects based on smell.

3. Literacy Tools


Developing literacy skills in children is essential in delivering effective early childhood education. Teachers can use the following tools to help in teaching literacy to children.

Academic Books

With the help of academic material including books and posters, teachers can offer an age-appropriate introduction to vocabulary and storytelling.


Depending on the age of the children, teachers can get academic materials specific to the child’s education levels:

  • LKG (Lower Kindergarten)
  • UKG (Upper Kindergarten)
  • Class 1
  • Class 2


Teacher Training Program

Wall Displays


Wall displays showing letters of the alphabet and objects starting with the letter help in the identification of letters and even objects. Charts can also be displayed to teach children vowels and consonants. These help teachers introduce early literacy to children visually and engagingly.

4. Numeracy Tools


The importance of Maths in early years cannot be stressed enough. Teaching Mathematics to children starts with instilling the basic concepts of numeracy. This includes counting, number identification and naming, addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

Number/Counting Cards


Number and counting cards are effective educational tools for teachers to teach numeracy skills. Visual aids such as large numbered cards help children to count and associate numbers with the corresponding picture. These cards help children to recognise patterns.


Kreedo’s early numeracy educational tools make learning mathematics fun and easier. Is your preschool using them yet? If not it’s time to Upgrade Your Preschool with Keedo.

Multiplication & Division Board


These learning materials make use of a practical approach to numeracy. They allow children to garner a hands-on approach to developing mathematical skills such as multiplication and division. Teachers can use them to make learning these skills easier and more engaging.

Wall Displays


Mathematics charts can be found in the form of wall displays. Hanging them up in the classroom or learning lab fosters learning through this visual aid. Children will have the opportunity to look at these displays to learn at any time of the day.

5. Technology-Based Educational Tools


Digital tools can help teachers enhance the learning experience by acting as an enabler. The use of technology in early education provides numerous benefits to the education sector, including preschools.

Practico App


The Kreedo Practico app is a gamified learning app designed to take children aged 2 to 6 on a learning journey through carefully created games. It covers multiple areas such as Mathematics, Reading, Phonics, Writing, and Cognition.


Some activities covered in the education-centric games include:

  • Literacy: Vocabulary Building, Phonics, Reading CVC & Longer Words, Reading Sentences.
  • Mathematics: Counting, Number Identification & Names, Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication.
  • Cognitive: Pairing, Sorting, Shape & Colour Identification, Patterns, Landforms, and World Knowledge.


The app’s objective is to supplement children’s learning from the preschool curriculum. The Practico app can be used in addition to concrete learning and educational materials.


Teachers can use this app to ensure children learn beyond the classroom at home, these games serve as an engaging way to ensure learning persists with parent supervision.

Digital Content


Introductory videos are a great aid for teachers to understand the best way to deliver certain lessons or modules in the Kreedo preschool curriculum. This includes lessons for both the classroom and the learning lab.


These videos are created by Subject Matter Experts. They provide the best information and techniques to equip teachers to deliver confidently and effectively.


Structured environment videos also show teachers and owners how to set up preschool environments such that it allows them to offer educational assistance to teachers.

Kreedo 6T Curriculum App

The Kreedo 6T Curriculum App is a custom-built app for teachers and owners of preschools/schools partnered with Kreedo.


This app is an education tool that provides the following to teachers:

  • Timetable
  • Reports
  • Assessment
  • Real-Time Student Performance Tracking
  • Reports
  • Learning Modules
  • Support
  • Lab & Class Activities
  • Attendance
  • Easy & Immediate Access to Resources


Using the Kreedo 6T Curriculum App, the teacher burden is reduced. They can plan each day and follow the curriculum based on the timetable and modules. Ready to release the teacher burden and allow them to teach without additional stress?


Partner with Kreedo to get the 6T Curriculum App and benefit from better organisation, child progress tracking, and academic support.

Partner With Kreedo to Get the 6T Curriculum App: The Only Preschool Education Tool Your Teachers Need


Need a single app to manage all tasks? Kreedo has one that shows their experience in early education.


Kreedo is an early education solutions provider with 30+ years of experience in helping start or upgrade preschools/schools. Having 2500+ partnered preschools/schools across India, 5,00,000+ children have been impacted. The Kreedo preschool curriculum is proven to improve learning outcomes by 50%


In addition to guidance in starting/running your preschool/school, Kreedo provides all partner teachers and school owners with the 6T Curriculum App. This reduces teacher’s burden by bringing most administrative and planning actions to the app.


The 6T Curriculum App is synchronised with the Kreedo preschool curriculum whose core is the 6T Framework that includes:


Knowing the importance of early education Kreedo works to develop a curriculum that allows children to develop in all facets.



Teachers do have much responsibility and require the best teachers’ skills to deliver the curriculum engagingly. With the help of preschool educational tools, teacher burden can be reduced while tasks of planning lessons and taking assessments are already organised.


Partnering with Kreedo for your preschool provides teachers access to all educational materials to create a structured learning lab and educational classroom. This includes furniture, wall displays, learning material, and teacher training.


Kreedo Preschool owners get all of this without having to pay franchise or royalty fees. With this, you must be ready to start/upgrade your preschool to offer children an unforgettable start to their education.


What is the role of teacher training in preschools?

Kreedo engages in teacher training to ensure teachers are equipped with new age-appropriate teaching strategies, learning new skills, increasing knowledge, and becoming familiar with new educational policies.

Does partnering with Kreedo to start a Kreedo preschool attract franchise fees?

No, Kreedo does not ask for franchise or royalty fees. We help individuals open a non-franchise preschool and build their own brand.

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