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The Kreedo Way of Life

Picture yourself at one of India’s most ethical education companies, surrounded by people who challenge, support, and inspire you. It is more than just a job; it is a revolution. To create better education, a better business, and a better you.  As a part of our team, you create a big impacton education, one child at a time.

About Us

Innovation at the core of schools: Transforming education for the future.

Welcome to Kreedology, India’s largest early education solutions provider and an innovator in Early Childhood Care and Education. We provide a non-franchise no royalty solution, helping edupreneurs run their own brand of school. 

We’re a national family of accredited early education service providers with a child-centric curriculum. With our activity-based learning approach, we nurture children’s curiosity, confidence, creativity, and compassion. Our aim is to democratize early education in society.

What we do?

We partner with schools to transform the way early education is delivered. Partnering with Kreedo helps schools

Increase Learning

Increase admissions

Teacher Burden

Our Belief
Why we want to do this

Our idea of a better world, is one with lower divides. To build a more equitable world, it is critical to give children an equal start in life by providing access to the right kind of early education. Quality Early education can help children develop the cognitive, social, and emotional skills that are essential for success in school and life.

Our Vision
What we want to achieve

We are leading the way to democratize quality early education, and we would want to continue to:

  • Make it Affordable: Ensure Kreedo is a cost effective solution for schools
  • Make it Accessible: Ensure Kreedo partner schools are in every city
  • Make it Awe-inspiring: Ensure Kreedo learning outcomes are of the highest order

Our Philosophy

What and how must children learn

Quality early education is one that helps children have a combination of all the below

  • Build thinking skills
  • Develop socially and emotionally
  • Gain knowledge / “remember” more content

Supervised play-based education, in groups and individually, is particularly important during this age range to nurture and develop the child’s innate abilities and capacities of curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, cooperation, teamwork, social interaction, empathy, compassion, inclusiveness, communication”
“Smriti – both working memory and long-term memory – plays an important role in cognition and comprehension. Insufficient emphasis on memory often results in inadequate outcomes in the classroom.”
– National Curriculum Framework (NCF), Foundational Stage, 2022

How does a child learn with Kreedo?

Learning through play is at the core of Kreedo as children learn via our scientifically designed learning materials. The materials in the Kreedo lab provide ample opportunities to experience and learn, as well as promotes peer learning through interaction and observation. The children learn concepts via materials and strengthen their understanding via self-paced practice, followed by learning in the classroom. This is the blended approach that we have in the Kreedo curriculum.

Our Mission

How we are going to achieve our vision

We partner with schools to transform the way they deliver learning. Our Mission 2025 is to partner with 7000+ schools impacting 1 million+ children annually.

How we got there

Kreedo Journey Timeline

Our work Culture and Values

Our culture and values are rooted in a deep commitment to customer obsession, where we always put the needs and satisfaction of our customers first. The first thing that customers say about Kreedo is that we are simple. We are unassuming folks, our lives at work reflect the mission we hope to fulfill.


We dream of every child having access to the Kreedo way of learning and go out of our way to ensure every partner school is able to deliver this. People and relationships come ahead of plans and process for us. Our teams are highly entrepreneurial by nature, taking challenges on with relish and enjoy winning over them! We love giving freedom to work and people at Kreedo enjoy the learning opportunities and variety that come their way.


We understand the value of the work we do and the massive transformation in education that our work has in segments of society that need it the most. Our customers do define the way we live.


We foster strong and lasting relationships with all our stakeholders, as we believe that these connections are the foundation of our success. We have an entrepreneurial spirit that drives us to take risks and pursue innovative ideas, while also valuing equity and creating an inclusive environment.


We believe in oneness – that we all have a shared purpose and are working towards the same goals. We place a high value on being trustworthy and maintaining the highest standards of integrity in all our interactions.

Our Values

Our values guide decision-making and a sense of what is important and what is right. They are the core principles that Kreedo lives by, the rules of the game.


Regardless of obstacles, our passion and persistence keeps us going


We are open to and look forward to constant


We believe that staying humble and grounded will take us far


We strongly believe in being fair. Our decisions and actions are guided by our ethics

Our Culture

Our culture encompasses a wide range of elements, including our business practices, processes, and interpersonal interactions. Collectively, these elements define our work environment and exert a significant influence on our business operations and overall sustainability.


Customer above everything else, we are here to help our partner schools succeed.


People make our business work, building authentic relationships is what we enjoy.


We are creating a revolution in education, challenging the status quo comes naturally to us.


Our Mission defines our behavior; every person deserves an equal opportunity!!


The scale and complexity demands that we operate based on facts, rather than intuition.


Breaking divides between teams, roles and people; collaboration is our mantra to achieve our goals.

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