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Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Preschool business

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • 1) Research Your Daycare Preschool Competitors
  • 2) Choose a Convenient Daycare Preschool Location
  • 3) Safety, Hygiene, and Security: 3 Crucial Daycare Preschool Opening Requirements
  • 4) Premises: Ensure Essential Daycare Preschool Facilities Are Present
  • 5) Follow Local Preschool Opening Requirements Rules Regarding Location
  • 6) Get the Best for Your Budget 
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs




A good location is one of the crucial preschool opening requirements. Potential preschool owners must carefully consider where they place their new venture. This is the most crucial decision any preschool owner can make. Follow essential tips to ensure finding the best daycare or Preschool business location.      


daycare preschool

1) Research Your Daycare Preschool Competitors 


Future preschool owners can look to competitors when researching where or how to start a preschool business. Every business owner has their idea of where they want to situate their business. But the truth is that they must consider their customers, in this case families with young children. 


In the case of preschools, most competitors choose a location that is:


  • Safe 
  • Close to residential areas 
  • In a quieter area
  • Easy to find on a map 


These points can be useful when finding out how to choose your preschool location. Also, judging by where your competitors are located, you’ll see where to start your Preschool business.


2) Choose a Convenient Daycare Preschool Location


Convenience is a characteristic which parents will look for when choosing a preschool. They would prefer a Preschool business that is close to the local supermarket, their job, or their home. 


This closeness to essential areas saves parents time and money. Also, it enables them to let family help pick up and drop children off.  


Location convenience is an important factor when choosing a preschool. Preschool owners should also choose wisely as location can aid in becoming successful. A premise in a good location may be more costly, but it is worth it in the long run. 


preschool opening requirements

3) Safety, Hygiene, and Security: 3 Crucial Daycare Preschool Opening Requirements


During open house events, parents will come and look around at the preschool. They will look at the most basic characteristics of the preschool and its surroundings. This includes safety, hygiene, and security. 


  • Daycare safety is followed by removing any potentially harmful objects or chemicals from the premises.  
  • Hygiene is making sure there is no garbage accumulation and open water on and around the preschool.
  • Security is possible by ensuring the premises are well closed off with a fence or wall. A gate should be present, a security guard, and CCTV as well. 


 In addition to this, the interior of the preschool must be child-friendly. Furniture should be made to suit children and pose any harm. Facilities should be suitable for young children and not be capable of causing harm.     


Did you know a safe, hygienic, and secure preschool can help to improve child well-being at a daycare preschool


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4) Premises: Ensure Essential Daycare Preschool Facilities Are Present 


To deliver the best learning experience and a comfortable one, facilities are paramount. Adequate areas, washrooms, and outdoor areas are just a few of them. 


Essential preschool facilities are:


  • Adequate indoor and outdoor space for learning and playing
  • The preschool setup should be easy for children to navigate 
  • There should be washrooms, storage areas, and other areas
  • Enough space for future additions 
  • Enough parking area to ensure children are not at risk 
  • Administration area where parents can speak with teachers or pay fees 


Preschool owners may want to reduce their overhead costs. As a result, they may get a preschool with a smaller square area. However, thoughts of expansion should not be put off. 


Teachers’ skills

5) Follow Local Preschool Opening Requirements Rules Regarding Location


Following local rules, regulations, and opening requirements is essential to ensure legal compliance. 


Full compliance will require checking with local authorities and respective education bodies. Based on the instructions obtaining certain licenses and permits may be necessary. Note that these requirements will vary from state to state.   


Also, depending on government regulations, daycare owners may have to worry about taxes. For this, a preschool will have to be registered with their local government office.


Sometimes certain regulations may prevent preschools from being in certain locations. Preschool owners must first take a look at these restrictions before settling on a preschool location.   


Kreedo helps you set up your preschool, including helping out with the legalities. This is a great help for new and prospective preschool owners. 


Preschool business


6) Get the Best for Your Budget 


All the above factors do matter to parents. However prospective preschool owners would like to spare a thought to their expenses. They will be looking to satisfy all the above factors. But still look to get the best for their money.   


Because of this, they may not get the biggest area or best locality. Owners need to plan effectively to ensure finances are spread evenly. Decorating, furniture, staffing, and utilities are a few other areas requiring finances.   


Preschool owners also have to spend some money on staff. Here are some reasons to invest in teacher training programs.


Note that a good building alone is not enough to make a preschool a good one. The exteriors and interiors also have to match to make a preschool with commitment.       


The good news is that there is help. Partner with Kreedo to get the best preschool location advice. Find your preschool a home today. 


Want to know how to get more preschool admission? Kreedo helps you accomplish this by choosing the best preschool location. 




Setting up a daycare Preschool business for success will require careful planning and location selection. Safety, competition, budget, and convenience, all affect preschool location planning. 


Apart from these, owners must also consider opening requirements to be successful. Preschool location doesn’t just interest parents. It also contributes to children having an inspiring environment that helps to promote learning. 




Q 1) What should a daycare preschool environment look like?

Ans) Ideally, a preschool should be colourful and features numbers, colours, and shapes everywhere. It should be a highly encouraging environment that ignites imagination and fosters a love for learning.   


Q 2) How to choose the best preschool for your child’s early education?

Ans) Choosing the right preschool for your child requires considering a variety of factors. Location, teachers, teaching methods, curriculum, and premises are useful in comparing preschools. 


Q 3) What is the difference between daycare and preschool education?

Ans) A daycare is usually for much younger children than a preschool. However, a preschool can offer both options. Preschool is where teachers will start the early years of learning. This is why the skills required for daycare and preschool children would differ.


Q 4) How can I improve my preschool admissions?

Ans) If you are wondering how to get more admission there are a few ways. Increasing marketing approaches, using social media, and introducing specials/discounts, can increase preschool admission. You can also improve teachers’ skills with training programs to improve the education quality.

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