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Comprehensive Preschool Business Plan, Cost and Essential Requirements

Table of Content

  • Pre School Set Up Cost
  • Preschool Opening Requirements
  • Preschool Business Plan
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


Opening a preschool requires prospective owners to follow a clear set of steps that will provide an effective plan. Among these steps are taking note of pre school set up cost, opening requirements, and business plans. With all this in place, the process of opening a preschool business becomes simpler and more likely to become a success.


This blog takes a look at all the factors and steps involved to set up a pre school business.


pre school set up cost


Pre School Set Up Cost


A common question asked when thinking about opening a preschool is the pre school set up cost. Knowing this can help to avoid falling short of money when the time comes. It also helps in planning and ensuring finances are in place ahead of time.


The play school set up cost depends on many factors and can range anywhere from 12 Lakh to 24 Lakh.


Factors that will influence the cost of starting up a preschool are:


  • Premises – area and location
  • Furniture and facilities
  • Interior decorating and painting
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Teacher training and staff training


All of these factors will dictate the final pre school set up cost and owners can use them to estimate their costs with more precision.


Apart from these costs, preschools that are started under a franchise name will come with another cost. This is a franchise or royalty fee that is paid to the franchise trademark owner. But, if you don’t want to pay these fees, starting your preschool brand is advisable.


Take a look at everything you should know about preschool and playschool franchises to know the difference.


Preschool Opening Requirements


Regardless of the size of your preschool, there are a few requirements that must be met no matter what. These are a few of the mandatory requirements that prospective preschool owners must have to start their dream as an edupreneur.


Licenses & Permits


The first and most important preschool opening requirements are the legal requirements. Some states in India may require licenses and permits to open a play school or preschool. However, other states may not have this as a mandatory requirement.


Research would provide an answer to whether or not your particular state requires these legalities.


You can read more here about navigating the processes of legal requirements and licensing for preschools.


Registration With Education Bodies & Government


Besides licensing and permits, preschool owners will also have to register with certain bodies. This includes the local government office for tax purposes and the education department.


These registration processes also contribute towards making the preschool legal and government-compliant. Be sure to add this to your play school business plan.




After legal and registration commitment, owners should turn their attention to where to house their preschool. A premises large enough, with all facilities, and in a safe and easy-to-access location is best.


Also, prospective owners will want to decide whether they are looking to buy a premises or rent one. If choosing to rent a premises, an agreement needs to be written out. This agreement will decide the duration of the agreement, rent amount, and other finer details.


Decorated to Suit Child Needs


The inside of the preschool premises is just as important as the outside. The outside should be welcoming and warm to small children. This usually means a lot of colours and cartoon pictures that excite small children.


After all of this, your preschool will need name suggestions. Choose the perfect preschool/school name from our extensive list of options.


Preschool Business Plan


Preschool Business Plan


Every preschool has a business plan that will act as a guide to preschool owners. They can effectively use it to simplify the planning process and help their business grow into a successful education venture.


Competitor Analysis is Crucial


Knowing what to expect from the competition is one of the most vital preschool opening requirements. It helps to assess the business risks by knowing what competitors are offering and what market requirements are like.


It also helps preschool owners understand the expectations and thereby helps them adjust to the needs and wants of the public.


Planning is the Core of a Play School Business Plan


Every business, preschool or otherwise requires prior planning. Adequate planning beforehand will be instrumental in success. Having a detailed blueprint to follow will be essential in ensuring much planning is not required later on.


A good plan is one of the common preschool opening requirements that act as a blueprint that owners can follow throughout initiating their preschool business. This plan can be adjusted throughout to suit the owner’s decisions along the way, making it slightly flexible.


Investment Plans Will Go Far


Starting a business such as a preschool will require an investment of funds. Prospective preschool owners can look to take a loan but will still require a personal investment. Every pre school business plan should clearly state where the funds are coming from.


Also, it should include a plan of how the money will be recovered. In this case, the number of students to be enrolled and the cost for each student should be calculated.


play school business plan


Teacher Training Programs Are Essential


Teachers are naturally the most important part of a preschool. Ensuring that the teachers get the training they need through teacher training programs is essential. Teachers with better skills and knowledge will be able to provide a better educational experience to the children.


pre school set up cost




A comprehensive pre school business plan requires prospective eduprenuers to think about every aspect of their business. This includes the cost, the actual business plan, and the preschool opening requirements as well.


Once a plan is in place, affecting the plan becomes much easier. It acts as a blueprint by which owners can ensure a successful process to open their preschool.




Q.1) Is a preschool business profitable?

Ans. Yes, a preschool business can be profitable when the right pre school business plan is in place. With the right calculations, marketing, and pricing, a preschool will become a profitable business to own.


Q.2) What is the pre school set up cost in India?

Ans. The cost will vary from city to city as well as based on several other factors that influence costs. The average preschool or play school set up cost in India is between 12 Lakh and 24 Lakh.


Q.3) What are the most important preschool opening requirements?

Ans. Important preschool requirements are premises, educated and experienced staff, a curriculum, and the legal documents allowing the preschool to operate.

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