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Building Your Preschool Brand: Marketing Strategies for Success

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  • Introduction
  • 7 Best Preschool Marketing Strategies
  • Conclusion
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Opening a preschool is an exciting opportunity. It allows ecopreneurs to enrich the preschool experience for children. But to do this, owners must first fill the seats in their preschool. This makes marketing strategies one of the biggest preschool opening requirements.


This blog covers all the ways of marketing your daycare preschool. It also covers the advantages of each strategy.


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7 Best Preschool Marketing Strategies


Without an effective marketing strategy, preschool seats could remain vacant. Owners need to assess their business, its strengths, and target audiences. This allows them to arrive at the best strategy.


These 7 marketing strategies help owners complete one of the preschool opening requirements. That’s a good marketing plan.


1. Circulating Leaflets and Pamphlets


Physical forms of marketing are popular and are considered the traditional method of marketing. Daycare preschool owners can advertise their institute with it. The best part of this method is that people can carry and pass on the leaflets.


Advantages of paper-based marketing strategies:


  • Cost-efficient to produce
  • Leaflets can be carried with and passed on
  • Can feature more information
  • Ability to access different types of people


This is an important marketing strategy as it is the one people are most familiar with. Lower costs will mean owners can produce more leaflet copies. The focus can then shift to distributing them across the nation.


There is also the opportunity to tie up with newspaper distributors. This allows for effective delivery of your pamphlet to many people in a short time.


2. Organising Events


One way of marketing your preschool is to let parents experience your preschool. Opening the doors of your preschool can help give parents insight. Insight into the facilities and processes, and more.


Organising events helps to build understanding. These events include education seminars, game days, and festival celebrations. The community becomes aware of the preschool, curriculum, teachers’ skills, and more.


Advantages of organised events as a marketing strategy:


  • Parents get to meet teachers and preschool owners
  • Children and teachers get to assess the preschool
  • There is an opportunity for parents to see if their child will fit in the environment
  • Engaging marketing method


Good planning and execution of these events can lead to an increase in daycare preschool admissions.


Building Your Preschool Brand Marketing Strategies for Success


3. Social Media


Social media is a modern and effective method of advertising your preschool business. It is low-cost but highly effective. Everyone uses a mobile phone, laptop, or computer. Using social media and online marketing methods is a modern marketing strategy.


Advantages of a social media/online marketing strategy:


  • Cost efficient
  • Visually display teachers’ skills and teaching approaches
  • Ability to reach a large number of people
  • Online marketing is more appealing
  • Opportunity to target your audience through every mobile device type


Through social media, parents will be able to see the daycare preschool. Not just in pictures but also in videos and teaching in the process.


4. Newspaper Advertising


The majority of India reads newspaper, making it a good preschool marketing aid. Even if parents don’t read the newspaper, someone in the house or family does. Putting an exciting preschool advert in the paper can increase awareness and enrollment.


Advantages of newspaper advertising as a preschool marketing strategy:


  • Appeal to a very large audience
  • Affordable marketing options


Newspaper marketing is another traditional marketing technique. Preschools can use it in addition to social media/online marketing strategies.


5. Developing a Website


Websites are an important marketing tool for businesses. Also, having a website is one way of building trust with the community. This is why owners should consider a website one of the most important preschool opening requirements


Advantages of a website marketing strategy:


  • Preschools can put up as much information and pictures as possible on websites
  • It is accessible to anyone
  • Acts as a method of proving legitimacy and trustworthiness
  • Parents can access a range of resources through websites


Websites are important and preschools should make sure they have accurate and updated information. Also, preschools can show curriculum and teachers’ skills through website content.


6. Collaboration With Preschool Education Experts and Influencers

Young parents may take advice from preschool education experts and influencers. As a result, partnering with them can be highly beneficial for your preschool.


Parents wanting the best for their child will most likely take the advice of people knowing a lot about preschool education. Daycare preschool owners can connect with an expert/influencer for a partnership.


Advantages of an expert/influencer collaboration marketing strategy:


  • Preschools can benefit from the popularity and goodwill of experts/influencers
  • Ability to reach a wider and more suited audience
  • Opportunity to gain a good reputation by choosing the right expert/influencer


Influencer marketing is not a new concept. But it is one that can yield good results if you are just starting a preschool.


7. Word of Mouth


Word of mouth remains one of the most effective ways to market a daycare preschool business. The biggest advantage is that it is completely free of cost!


Passing on the message to people can be quite effective. Many new parents will consider the advice of family and close friends. This makes word of mouth a powerful tool.


Advantages of word of mouth as a preschool marketing strategy:


  • Free of cost
  • Boundless reach
  • High influential power


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Marketing is essential for any business, even one such as a daycare preschool. Having a good preschool marketing strategy in place can ensure admissions are steady throughout the year.


Various preschool marketing strategies include:


  • Leaflets/pamphlets
  • Organising events at your daycare preschool
  • Social media marketing
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Developing and maintaining a website
  • Preschool expert or influencer collaboration
  • Word of mouth


A combination of these marketing strategies will help preschools to be most successful.




Q 1) How do you market a preschool program?

Ans) Preschool owners can identify the strong and unique aspects of their daycare preschool. They can then market these as solutions to common problems parents face when teaching their children.


Q 2) How does advertising your preschool help in the long run?

Ans) Constant marketing and advertising will help to build community trust. It also works to spread awareness about your preschool, curriculum, teachers’ skills and techniques.

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