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How to Open a Daycare Center in India – Registration Process, Essentials, Business Plan, and Certifications

Table of Content

  • Daycare Registration Process
  • How to Start a Daycare Center
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


The idea how to open a day care centre is exciting and appealing and executing all the steps properly can lead to a successful venture. The most important steps are opening requirements and process, daycare registration process, and business plan.


Prospective daycare owners can look to this blog to understand the full process involved in opening a daycare. One that is legally compliant


How to Open a Daycare Center in India – Registration Process, Essentials, Business Plan, and Certifications


Before you plan to start a daycare business, see why edupreneurs choose non-franchise over franchise.


Daycare Registration Process


In some parts of India, running and even opening a daycare is not possible without the right registration documents and licensing. Obtaining these documents is possible through a precise process.


Preschool owners must first provide the daycare business plan for assessment. After this, owners have to show they will meet certain requirements enforced by the local and national authorities. This includes:


  • Health and safety requirements
  • Number of students and staff
  • Premises checks
  • Staff background checks


Apart from these requirements, other ones require registration under the following acts:


  • Company registration under the Companies Act
  • Licensing under the Shops and Establishments Act


After all these licensing requirements and permits are met and obtained, owners are legally able to open their day care or preschool. Note that this daycare registration process is applicable whether you are opening a daycare at home or another premises.


Need more information? Read all about navigating the process of licensing and legal requirements.


How to Start a Daycare Center


Starting a daycare centre takes much planning and research but there is more to it than just this. These are a few steps education enthusiasts can follow to become edupreneurs.


1. Conduct Research


Through thorough research, owners will come to know their competitors, the standard of education, and preschool opening requirements.


Through this research step, educators can become aware of what it takes to start a daycare business that will be successful and profitable. It can also help to provide an idea about possible market risks and possible major trends in the education industry.


Daycare Business Plan


2. Create a Daycare Business Plan


After assessing the market, and gathering information from the research, a business plan needs to be drawn up. The business plan is a detailed document showing every detail of starting the business and its ability to reach its goals.


Details including the investment amount, the goals of the business, and details about the number of students and staff are all included in the daycare business plan.


start a daycare business


3. Collect Your Investments


Gathering investment money will be important to start a daycare business. The business plan will be able to help prospective owners secure financial grants or loans.


Apart from this, it will help owners to have a certain amount of money stored away to start their business.


4. Turn Your Attention to Licensing & Other Legalities


Starting any business comes with legal compliance. Prospective owners must find out through local government offices the legal requirements. If you are wondering how to start a daycare centre that is legally compliant, these licences are essential.


There are several permits and licences necessary, this includes:


  • First aid
  • Sanitation
  • Background checks on staff
  • Business permit
  • Registration with the local government office


These are most of the licences and permits required to open a preschool daycare. But, extra care should be taken to ensure that local authorities don’t have other permit requirements.


start a daycare business (1)


5. Finding a Home For Your Daycare


Premises are another aspect that prospective daycare owners need to look at carefully if they want to start a daycare business. Ideally, a premises in a good location, of a good size, and high safety should be selected.


The building itself also needs to be cleared by safety professionals to ensure it is best for small children. Interior furnishing and decorating will add the final touches to making it look and feel like a preschool.


Find out all about choosing the perfect location for your preschool.


6. Effective Curriculum Plan for Successful Learning


The curriculum is the education blueprint that the preschool will follow. An updated curriculum is most likely to be effective in helping young children learn better and faster. As a result, owners must find the most appropriate curriculum for their daycare or preschool.


7. Experienced Staff: The Key to Open a Day Care That’s Successful


Along with an excellent curriculum plan, owners must hire skilled professionals to execute the curriculum.


Apart from being skilled, these teaching and non-teaching staff also need personal skills appropriate for fostering a positive and supportive environment for preschoolers.


The important skills to possess are empathy, good communication, patience, listening ability, and a positive problem-solving attitude.




Before opening a daycare it is essential to know the requirements, process, and legal documentation necessary. Most important of all is the daycare business plan which is a clear blueprint for starting the business.


A solid business plan makes it a lot easier for educators to open their day care business as it provides a pathway to follow. It can also have effects on the success of the starting process. Anyone who wants to open a day care can use this blog to help them chart a path to follow.




Q.1) What is a daycare business plan?

Ans. A daycare or preschool business plan is a set blueprint of all the details related to the starting and running of a business. It can also help investors understand the plan better and choose the right investment option.


Q.2) What certifications do I need to open a daycare?

Ans. Most of the certifications needed to open a daycare include safety licences, registration documents with local government and education authorities, and health permits. Beyond this, staff background checks are necessary.


Q.3) If I start a daycare business, can it become profitable?

Ans. Yes, with the right planning, a daycare can be profitable. A good business plan and effective research will help in ensuring the goals are met.

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