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Crafting a Comprehensive Daycare Preschool Business Plan

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Plan & Create a Realistic Blueprint
  • Create a Vision, Mission & Core Values
  • Conduct Thorough Market Research
  • Researching the Local Rules Regarding Legalities
  • Choosing the right Daycare Preschool Curriculum that Will Make a Difference
  • Hiring & Improving Teachers’ Skills
  • Financial Support & Planning Your Dream Preschool
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Weighing the Risks and Finding Ways to Mitigate Them
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs




Apart from confidence and finances, opening a daycare preschool also requires a preschool business plan. Besides acting as a roadmap to success, this plan can also attract investors, and garner confidence in your preschool.       


From opening requirements to financial planning, a comprehensive business plan for a preschool is highly detailed. Here are the components of a business plan for a preschool.   


1) Plan & Create a Realistic Blueprint


A plan is necessary to ensure you have a target to work towards. For something as big as starting a preschool business, a plan is mandatory to stay on track.


Analysis of real-world conditions and requirements will make it easier to form a realistic daycare blueprint. Prospective preschool owners should develop an in-depth plan with all the preschool opening requirements.  


They should then follow and adjust the plan and execute it accordingly.     


        preschool opening requirements (1)                  

 2) Create a Vision, Mission & Core Values


Every business needs a vision, mission statement, and values. These three things will serve as a pillar the business will seek to maintain a high standard.


Vision, mission, and values are what your preschool will aim to achieve and will be a guiding light. Formulating a good vision, mission, and values will present an opportunity for preschools to stand out.   


Think about ones that are realistic enough to pursue and uphold for many years. They don’t have to be fancy but need to clearly describe your intent.                             


3) Conduct Thorough Market Research 


Since other preschools will be your competitors, it’s vital to take a look at them to assess the market. Any business conducting market research has a better chance of adapting to meet the demands. 


In this case, market research can:


  • Identify shortfalls of existing preschools
  • Evaluate mandatory preschool requirements 
  • Survey parents and shortlist the most essential expectations  
  • Provide valuable details about competitors 
  • Helps to create an understanding of the gaps in the market 


Market research is a must to understand the level your preschool must hold to become relevant in the market. It also provides vital information about preschool opening requirements.


4) Researching the Local Rules Regarding Legalities


Depending on where your preschool will be, local legal guidelines may require licences and permits. Ensuring these are carefully researched and you are on the correct legal path is crucial.


Failure to do so could result in legal problems and possibly your preschool attracting a fine or closure. Also, note that all these government rules may change regularly. 


Preschool owners must be on top of these legal changes. Alternatively, they can employ a team of legal professionals to take care of this. 


Apart from the legal aspect, licences and permits help to reinforce parent trust in your preschool.                                  


5) Choosing a right Daycare Preschool Curriculum that Will Make a Difference 


While there are many preschools on the market, curriculum is one factor by which you can separate them. You can choose a curriculum that will be different in a good way. 


Educators who want to start a preschool can choose a customized preschool curriculum. Based on the requirements and the children, they can design a curriculum that will make an actual difference. 


Curriculum choice can very well change a child’s outlook on education. It can also help them ease into the long education journey still yet to come. Choosing an approach that effectively fosters a love for learning is the best one.           


6) Hiring & Improving Teachers’ Skills


An effective curriculum won’t be much help without effective delivery. This is where teachers become an important part of a preschool business plan. Teachers’ skills will dictate how well the children will be taught.  


Interview and test sessions will show you where the teacher stands in terms of skill and experience. 


When hiring preschool teachers, look at these factors:


  • Characteristics (must be kind, patient, empathetic, etc.)
  • Qualifications
  • Experience in preschool teaching 
  • Skills
  • Teaching methodologies
  • Willingness and ability to learn 


teachers skills


Adequately qualified teachers with the right qualities can be a valuable resource. Skill development will be possible with the help of a training program. 


7) Financial Support & Planning Your Dream daycare preschool


Any business let alone your preschool won’t be able to start unless you have the capital. Financial support and careful planning are necessary to ensure costs don’t outdo the budget.


Even after your preschool is up and ready to run, a marketing strategy is a must. This will show you a brief outline of what fees you should create. Fee structure creation is vital in the early stages of your daycare preschool.   


The right fee structure and teacher salary costing plans could just be the difference between success and failure!                   


8) Advertising Strategy


A good advertising strategy will ensure your preschool seats do not remain vacant. Ideally, a range of advertising methods will prove to be most successful. 


Methods of advertising your preschool business:


  • Traditional methods (television, newspaper, and radio)
  • Over the internet – website & social media platforms
  • Fliers
  • Billboards
  • Open house events 
  • Word of mouth 


A mixture of a few methods will be best. Also timing matters, start in advance to ensure there is enough time. Parents will probably compare a few preschools, starting early gives them extra time to research the preschool.         


Daycare Preschool Business


9) Weighing the Risks and Finding Ways to Mitigate Them 


Although you may have all the steps to start a preschool business, the fact that it is a business that attracts risks.  


It is best to conduct further research beforehand to assess the pros and cons. This way, you won’t be shocked along the way to find out what the risks are. 


Another advantage of this is that you can brainstorm and create plans to mitigate the risks.  




Creating the best possible preschool business plan requires consideration of various factors that can influence daycare preschool success. Addressing all the factors and creating a plan will simplify the process later on. 


A well-constructed plan is what every prospective preschool owner needs to effectively make a positive start.        




Q 1) What impact will a business plan have on my preschool?

Ans)A daycare business plan is a well-detailed and documented plan. It will provide a direct path and show the direction to start and grow your preschool with the right opening requirements. 


Q 2) Is a business plan necessary for success?

Ans) Yes, a preschool with a business plan has the highest potential to evade issues and succeed. Without a plan, the preschool may follow the wrong direction and have a higher chance of failure due to evident risks. 


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