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The Ultimate Guide to Launching Your Preschool Business

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction
  • About a Preschool Business
  • 9 Steps to Start Your Preschool Business
  • Conclusion 
  • FAQ




How to start a preschool is the most common question for former educators wanting to impact children’s lives. To some, the task can be imaginably tough. But, we have an ultimate guide to help you make it a well-planned experience you will enjoy.   


About a Preschool Business


Daycare and preschool are children’s first and perhaps most important years of early education. Preschool owners specially design the curriculum to suit the needs of children between the ages of 3 and 5.  


This daycare curriculum ensures the all-round development of young children. Preschool helps children develop:


  • Numeracy & literacy skills
  • Confidence and initiative
  • Logical thinking 
  • Love for learning
  • Ability to handle new experiences and situations      
  • Emotional stability
  • Socializing skills
  • Vocal development 


How to start a preschool business

Benefits of Starting a Preschool Business


A daycare preschool acts as the first introduction to learning environments and experiments. 


  • Affect a change in early childhood learning and development
  • Prepares children for their education future
  • Exposure to learning environments
  • Helps in developing character  
  • Aids in improving teachers’ skills and implementing training 


9 Steps to Start Your Preschool Business 


When deciding to open a preschool, the hardest part is how to start. A preschool business differs from other businesses. They require extra planning.


Aspiring owners can use these 9 steps as the answer to how to start a preschool business with ease. 


1) Planning is the Essential First Step… If You Want Success

2) Competitor Research: Know the Market

3) Research & Identify Licensing & Legal Requirements to Start a Preschool Business

4) Find Your Dream Preschool Location

5) Building, Renovating & Decorating Preschools

6) Hiring & Training Teachers

7) Choosing the Best Preschool Curriculum

8) Creating a Profitable Marketing Plan

9) Advertising Your Preschool to Parents


1) Planning is the Essential First Step… If You Want Success 


No one opens a business without planning. It is essentially the first step to wanting to accomplish anything. 


The planning process will provide a blueprint or roadmap you can use to arrive at your goal. Important questions to ask during planning are:


  • Where will I open the daycare/preschool (at home or a larger location)?
  • What is my budget?
  • How many students will I be accepting? 
  • What are the legal requirements to open a preschool? 
  • What are the necessary first steps after the setup is ready?


Answering these questions will provide great insight into which steps to take and when.       


2) Competitor Research: understanding the Market   


Conducting competitor research is another advisable move. It provides details on how to start a preschool business. 


Take a look at the business model and infrastructure for successful preschools. 


This research can work both ways. You can pick up things that you want to add to your preschool. Or things that require improvement when adding your preschool.         


3) Research & Identify Licensing & Legal Requirements to Start a Preschool Business 


One of the key preschool opening requirements is licensing and permit. Without these, your preschool could be at legal risk.


In India, the legalities and licensing before starting a preschool differ from state to state. That said, prospective preschool owners must research this based on their state, before they start a preschool. 


A preschool doesn’t just require licences. It also requires permits and certifications to ensure proper health, sanitation and safety measures. 


4) Find Your Dream Preschool Location


You may have a certain location where you have always dreamt of opening a preschool. But, this won’t be a feasible idea.


Preschools need to be strategically placed to suit the following requirements:


  • Safety
  • Accessibility
  • Convenience to parents
  • Health and hygiene 
  • Features large enough premises 




5) Building, Renovating & Decorating Preschools


If you are opening a preschool at home you won’t have to worry about building and exterior design.  


But if building or renovating a building for a preschool you must ensure the preschool location should be child-centric and feature a good layout.           


When it comes to interior designing, the furniture must be suitable and comfortable for children. Hygiene facilities are also a must and adapted to suit children. Outdoor play areas should be safe and not cause injuries. 


Overall, interiors should feature colourful and playful paintings and decorations. This age-appropriate decor will prove to be an atmosphere that invites learning. 


6) Hiring & Training Teachers


Preschool teachers will form the base of every preschool. Hiring the right teachers is important. A good preschool teacher requires patience, empathy, creativity, and skilful teaching methods.


Good characteristics and teacher training programs will ensure effective curriculum implementation. Preschool owners should provide ongoing teacher development efforts to ensure effective teaching.     


After all, teachers’ skills dictate the effectiveness of teaching and the quality of education.  



Teachers skills                                                                                                      


7) Choosing the Best Preschool Curriculum


The preschool curriculum should be such that it adds value to the children and helps them grow. As a preschool owner, you have the opportunity to help children learn and them as a person. 


Choosing the best curriculum requires owners to match the needs of the children with the teaching skills of teachers. This makes the curriculum the most effective and successful. 


8) Creating a Profitable Marketing Plan


After assessing the budget, prospective preschool owners have the task of calculating how to break even. To open a preschool business that thrives, fees have to be attractive and offer great value to the child. 


Carefully assess and create a cost structure that will be worthwhile, helping you break even and eventually become profitable..   


9) Advertising Your Preschool to Parents


You won’t have a full preschool unless you invest your time in marketing.. Advertising will work to spread awareness about your preschool. 


You can support advertising efforts by introducing new opening discounts and specials to boost admissions. Apart from this newspaper advertising and fliers are other options to get the word out. 


Note that you would want to start advertising before the preschool is officially ready. This is to ensure a full class is ready before opening.                                



You can easily start a preschool business with the above 9 steps. Education enthusiasts no longer have to worry about how to start a preschool business. Planning and research form the foundation of starting a preschool. When you cover this, everything else falls into place.       




Q 1)How can I grow my preschool business? 

Ans) A few ways to grow a preschool business are by marketing aggressively, circulating fliers, using social media, organizing an open house, and collaborating. 


Q 2)Does the future look bright for preschool businesses?

Ans) With parents becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of early childhood education, preschools are gaining relevance. So, yes a daycare preschool business does have a bright future.                  

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