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Market Research Strategies for Your Daycare Preschool Business

Table of Content


  • Introduction
  • Competitor Analysis – Know What You Are Up Against
  • Understand Child Requirements
  • Listen to Parents
  • Research Government Requirements
  • Trends of Preschool Education in Coming Years
  • Financial Research & Planning
  • Partner with the Community and Other Educators
  • Observe, Plan, & Act – Feedback & Improvement
  • Conclusion
  • FAQ’s




Starting your own daycare preschool is an exciting journey. But, it is one that involves a fair bit of market research and business planning. Implementing strategies and changes using the research data will position your preschool for constant growth and success.


If you are looking for research approaches, here are some that will reap rewards:


Competitor Analysis – Know What You Are Up Against


Taking a look at every other daycare in the vicinity can be an insightful research activity. Opening a preschool business can be quite competitive and having an edge over the next one is a good sign.


If you want to be a successful preschool owner, knowing what you are up against is important. What exactly do you need to know?


Take a look at competing preschools:


  • Location
  • Infrastructure
  • Decor
  • Outdoor premises
  • Curriculum
  • Teacher experience
  • Fees


Knowing too much can never be a disadvantage when it comes to a child’s future in education.


preschool opening requirements


Understand Child Requirements


A preschool is for children where they can grow healthy and be intelligent for the future. This is why it makes complete sense and one of the crucial preschool opening requirements.


Knowing the requirements of the children does play a crucial role in shaping a preschool to be successful. This information can be sought out by a curriculum of other preschools and also by looking at the teachings conducted in early schooling years.


Also assessing the real world scenarios tells us about what skills are necessary for young children.


Demographics such as location, population trends, income level, and family background are also the vital details. All of which will help to shape the strategy of your preschool.


Listen to Parents


Even from the early ages of 3 to 5, parents have an idea of what they want their little ones to learn at preschool. Since the clients are parents, listening to their wishes will go a long way in helping your preschool.


Plus, ensuring the voices of parents is one way to preschool success! Note that teachers and parents will have to collaborate to ensure complete and effective learning.


Parents can also provide important advice, especially if they are not first-time preschool finders. Conduct a thorough survey to know exactly what parents are willing to pay for. The right combination can get parents to enroll their child immediately!


Research Government Requirements


Government and compliance guidelines may also offer support in the form of specific lessons or skills a daycare preschool must teach.


Familiarisation with local and national preschool regulations is also vital. This guides prospective preschool owners in obtaining the correct licences and permits.


The permit and respective licences will also come with health and safety requirements. Having these documents not only ensures legality for your preschool. It also helps to reassure parents that the preschool is government-compliant.


Different states in India have differing rules and regulations and this needs clarification prior to opening the preschool business.


Trends of Preschool Education in Coming Years


Preschool education is constantly changing as the years go by. As a result, preschools also have to make adjustments and change with the time passing by.


Finding the latest innovations in preschool education will be a welcoming move for teachers and parents. Better the technology and teachers’ skills, better the learning experience.


Constant monitoring of modern advancements and incorporation will be good for the preschool. Joining preschool communities and regular attempts at teacher training will help stay ahead.


Attending a preschool program for owners and teachers regularly will keep everyone on the same page. Together, everyone can provide input that will work to make the process of a preschool easier and more successful.


Financial Research & Planning


Potential preschool owners need to think about everything when it comes to making their dreams a reality. Unfortunately, money does play a part in this becoming feasible.


Financial stability and support are another one of the preschool opening requirements prospective owners need to be aware of.


Preplanning and research will help to arrive at a realistic expense for setting up and running the preschool. You can also use the final expense figure to create a fee structure required to break even.


Partner with the Community and Other Educators


The community, educators, and other preschools will be able to provide invaluable information. A combined effort will help preschools to improve the quality of education they can provide.


In turn, this works to uplift the community as a whole and better prepare the next generation. That said, they will continue to make the best-informed decisions that can make a difference to the world, one person at a time.


Teachers’ skills


Observe, Plan, & Act – Feedback & Improvement


Every process needs assessment to ensure effectiveness and constant improvement. A preschool will undergo the same scrutiny to benefit children, teachers, and parents.


Teacher camps can be organised to improve skills and knowledge. This then results in a better learning experience for the children.




With the help of all these research strategies, you will be able to create a formidable preschool opening plan. Knowing all the requirements beforehand will aid in owning a successful daycare preschool.


Not only will it be successful, but it will also be renowned as a trusted, high-quality educational institute for children.




Q.) What can make your daycare stand out from others in the market?

Ans. Researching the market to incorporate features that every preschool lacks is a sure way to stand out. After opening your preschool, constant assessment will help preschools constantly evolve according to requirements.


Q.) Is a teachers’ training program necessary from the time of preschool opening?

Ans. Yes, the skills of the staff are essential to effectively deliver the curriculum. Without the right skills, teachers will not experience any success in instilling important lessons and skills in children.


Q.) Should I include extracurricular activities in my preschool?

Ans. The addition of extracurricular activities such as sports, arts and crafts, music and language development aid in child daycare skill development. A preschool must offer high amounts of outdoor time during extracurricular activities.

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