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Breaking Down the Basics: How to Start a Profitable Preschool Business

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Tips on How to Start a Profitable Preschool Business
  • Conclusion
  • FAQ



For educators aspiring to become business owners in the education sector, the prospect may be exciting. But, they face an issue with the question “How to start a preschool business?” It doesn’t have to be an intimidating task when you have help.


We have a list of basic requirements and a bit of advice to keep your business running successfully. Read through this blog to clarify and set your plan in motion!


Start a profitable preschool business

Tips on How to Start a Profitable Preschool Business


If you are wondering how to start a preschool, this blog is for you. We will detail exactly what you need to make a business, including all preschool opening requirements.


1) Market Research

Doing a fair bit of research into starting a preschool is highly informative for future preschool owners. You may even come across a preschool solutions provider like Kreedo.


Partnering with Kreedo makes it much easier to make your preschool dream come true. They know exactly how to start a preschool and make your business a success. You can study successful preschool models and try to find what worked well and what didn’t.


2) Naming & Branding


Often most popular brands are identifiable by their logo alone. If you’re looking to create a successful preschool, spend a fair amount of time finding a name and logo. Here are a few tips:


  • Brainstorm a unique name
  • Ensure it is not already taken
  • Design a catchy logo, relatable to the name or niche
  • Find a name that’s easy to say and catchy


Ideally, the name should be one that stays in mind for a long time. One that people can’t forget. Prospective preschool owners should also visualize how the name and logo would look on larger hoardings and signage.


3) Legalities and Preschool Opening Requirements


There are several legal obligations before you can start a profitable preschool business. Familiarizing yourself with the same will be instrumental to gathering the requirements before time.


Some of the requirements are licensing requirements, health and safety compliance, and registration with education panels. Note, that all teachers need to have the requirements and skills fit for teaching preschool children.


Ensuring your preschool is accredited, licensed, and registered may also open up opportunities. Government initiatives and teacher’s training programs are just a few of the liberties of legal compliance.


When facing the question of how to start a preschool business, compliance, safety precautions, and licensing are essential.


4) Premises and Furnishings


Choosing premises is another make-or-break decision to make. Getting a preschool that is in a good locality does have benefits. It is much likelier to be clean and safe enough for small children.


But, the prospective premises should also be in an area that doesn’t see too much traffic. A location off the main road would prove to be safer and quieter without any noise and air pollution


Another consideration is the interior and furnishings. Child-friendly furniture is a must to avoid any unnecessary injuries. Soft furniture or furniture that has padded fabric coverings is ideal.


When it comes to designing, colorfully painted walls are a must to inspire and appeal to young students.


Start a profitable preschool business


5) Qualified Empathetic Preschool Teachers


Understandably the teacher’s experience and skill will affect the quality of education the preschool delivers. This is why hiring the right teachers matters. It doesn’t end there as continuous teacher improvement is vital.


Preschool owners who have started their preschool with the help of Kreedo, an education solution provider stand to benefit from the association. Not only will these training programs be available, but Kreedo will also assist in sourcing preschool teachers.


Because of this, a preschool can easily thrive and become profitable. Constant investment in teacher skills can improve the ability to deliver the curriculum. Also, children react to different teaching methods and teachers must have all of them.


6) Marketing and Awareness Campaigns


Once all preschool opening requirements are fulfilled, owners must carry out other activities. Preschool owners must create appealing marketing and awareness campaigns to ensure the filling of seats.


Using multiple marketing methods and keeping admissions flowing is crucial to starting a profitable preschool business.


Perhaps owners can offer some incentive to garner admissions. A trial session, walkthrough, or straight-up discount will work to attract initial admissions. Word of mouth is also still an effective marketing tool so spreading the word is valuable.


7) Regular Assessment, Upgrading, & Improvement


So your preschool is up and running, this doesn’t yet guarantee success. Maintaining the standards of a preschool is what leads to profitability.


The education system is constantly changing, to meet real-world requirements. It only makes sense that education facilities, including preschools, change with it. With feedback from teachers, parents, and assessment of children, preschools can effect change.


Also, if curriculums change, preschools can offer teachers training programs to upgrade skills of their staff. This will work in the favour of the children. They will in turn, receive a better learning experience and a better education.


Together, preschool owners and teachers can provide children with better preparation for future years of education.


8) Get the Community Involved


There is always room for improvement and preschool owners would be aware of this. Part of continuous improvement and solving problems requires participation of the community.


Teachers, parents, and other staff can come together and discuss issues and solutions. By including everyone, valuable feedback is received. Preschool owners can then use this feedback and make the right changes to make a positive change.




Education enthusiasts wondering now know what they need. Apart from this, ensuring profitability requires owners to constantly keep upgrading teachers skills, enhancing facilities, and remain connected with parents.


But, as long as aspiring preschool owners focus on laying a solid foundation for young learners, a positive impact will ensue.




Q 1) Do I need licence to start a profitable preschool business?

Ans: Yes, opening a preschool and operating legally will require the preschool owner to pursue a licence and registration. One of these licences will be to ensure safety and health standards are according to the requirements.


Q 2) What is needed for a preschool business?

Ans: You can start a profitable preschool business with a few requirements. Clean and safe premises, licences, soft furnishings, experienced teachers, marketing, and community engagement.

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