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Choosing the Right Day Care Preschool for Your Child: 5 Factors to Consider

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  • Introduction
  • 5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Daycare for Your Child
  • Conclusion
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A child’s first steps of education start at a preschool. No wonder parents go through a rigorous thought and research process to pick the best one. Choosing a daycare preschool is tougher than we may think.


But, does it really have to be? The presence of the Kreedo preschool curriculum in some preschools narrows down the options. Choosing preschools that adopt this curriculum and preschool opening requirements provide quality education.


Kreedo preschool curriculum


5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Daycare for Your Child


Heard of the name Kreedo before? We are a preschool solutions provider, helping prospective preschool owners start their preschool. By providing the right help, we help start preschools that parents choose for their children, time and time again.


Here are 5 qualities that spell out a good daycare for your child. You can easily pick the best preschool with them.

1) Locality & Safety of Premises


Naturally, parents will be looking for a daycare that is conveniently situated. The preschool should be easily accessible, in a good locality, and near to children’s houses. But, parents won’t just be satisfied with a good location.


The preschool premises itself should be presentable, clean, and safe. The presence of a gate, fences and walls is a must to keep children out of harm’s way.


A preschool must also look attractive, colorful, and inspirational. Furthermore, parents will also take a look at the interior and facilities of the preschool. The furniture should be clean, and safe for children, a basic opening requirement for all educational institutes.


Facilities such as reception areas, washrooms, and parking should be clean and well-equipped.

2) Teachers’ Skills and Characteristics


Teachers will be responsible for a child’s well-being and learning while at a preschool. Therefore it makes sense parents want to meet the people spending time with their children.


Given the age of preschool children, teachers who are skilled, empathetic, and patient are necessary. Apart from these qualities, preschool teachers must know what is the best way to help children learn.


Parents want the best for their children’s future, experienced teachers are key to their vision. When meeting for the first time, parents want reinforcement that their children will learn fast and easily.


Confidence in the teacher proves that parents will have confidence in the preschool. This works in the favour of the preschool and helps grow a positive reputation.


Note that teachers skills are not fixed and the preschool will look to continue upgrading their teachers. This will be done with the help of teachers’ training camps. A program like this brings teachers together

3) Teaching Techniques & Curriculum


Many parents ask the question of what their child will learn in preschool. Preschool owners must have a solid curriculum or plan to parents who have concern about this.


Also, insights into the teaching methods are a must to help parents envision their child’s progress. Knowing how their child will benefit and how far they will come can help parents choose a preschool.


In a Kreedo-powered preschool, parents can be assured knowing that their child is getting the best! The Kreedo preschool curriculum includes activity-based learning that ensures improved numeracy and literacy skills.


That’s not all. Children can gain qualities such as confidence and independent thinking from attending a Kreedo preschool.

4) Legitimacy and Reputability


When searching for a preschool, most parents will prioritize the name and reputation of the preschool. So, preschools that have renowned names and multiple branches are likely to gain more popularity.


A Kreedo-powered preschool will be the best preschool option on the market. A quality education curriculum from a renowned education solution provider makes for an ideal choice for parents.


Reputation is not just built upon numerous branches. These education establishments are known for their curriculum. Unlike other preschools, the curriculum used in a Kreedo preschool is updated based on the skills required by children.


Parents will ensure constant efforts to improve the quality of education. Organising a teachers’ training program often can work in the preschool’s favour.

5) Process of Communication with Parents


Every parent wants to be part of their child’s educational journey. Understandably, parents will look at the parent-teacher communication before choosing a preschool. Preschools must take note of this and devise a clear communication pathway.


Regular assessments and feedback on child progress are an added incentive for parents to choose a preschool. Preschools should look to undertake these activities regularly and with high accuracy.


Doing this opens up the opportunity to reinforce teachers by continuing teaching efforts at home. This is especially helpful for teaching manners and discipline.


Parents who want to start with these qualities early should check for preschools that allow teachers and parents to collaborate. The ability for both parties to work together will benefit the child and offer them the best opportunity to grow.


Even if teachers aren’t good at this, a teachers training program can make all the difference.



For all parents searching for the best preschool for their child, quality, safety, and results are most important. A daycare preschool that prioritizes child needs over everything else is ideal. Not only this, the preschool should utilise the best teaching methods and aids.


Every Kreedo preschool is a choice parents won’t regret. The results are evident and a direct result of a carefully crafted curriculum. Experts develop the curriculum after exploring what a child requires to thrive throughout their education.


Q.) What is the right age to start your child at preschool?

Ans. Ideally, children between the ages of 3 and 5 are ready to attend a daycare preschool.

Q.) How can I be certain a preschool is registered before admitting my child?

Ans. Registered preschools will be able to provide proof of their registration and any licenses as well. Usually, copies of these documents are already framed in the reception area of the preschool.

Q,) What makes the Kreedo preschool curriculum so successful?

Ans. The curriculum is so successful because it employs teaching patterns that run with the way children naturally learn. By adding play-based activities, children learn faster and enjoy it at the same time! This is the type of preschool parents will choose for their child.

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