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Beyond the Brand: What Sets Non-Franchise Preschools Apart in 2024

Table Of Content

  • Intrduction
  • Why Choose a Non-Franchise Daycare Preschool?
  • How a Kreedo Non-Franchise Preschool Drives the Change
  • Conclusion
  • FAQ’s



The idea to start a preschool in 2024 is genius. If you are already an educator, it creates an opportunity for you to contribute towards child education. When choosing between a franchise and a non-franchise preschools, certain points stand out.


We’ll show you why choosing the slightly harder route pays off with time!


Non-franchise preschool


Why Choose a Non-Franchise Daycare Preschool?


It may seem tempting to go the other way and just become a franchise owner. But, for people who have a passion for education, there is a better option. Below are a few points to show you why.


1) More Competition, Better Education


Generally in any market, franchise and non-franchise preschools will go head to head against each other. This is good since it creates competition and both types of preschools are appealing to the same audience.


Each set of preschools will be looking for a way to deliver a better education. This friendly competition benefits parents.


They get multiple choices and it’s usually non-franchise preschools that come out on top. these daycare preschools offer more flexibility in terms of teaching methods and curriculum.


Franchise preschools feature curriculums and teaching methods that are uniform throughout all branches.


Opportunity to Build a Reputable Non-Franchise Preschool Name


Initially, a new preschool owner won’t be thinking too much about expansion. But, further, there is always an option if the venture is successful.


With enough growth, your non-franchise daycare brand can become highly reputable. Parents are highly likely to suggest your preschool’s name to other parents. Also, competing preschools will look to your daycare preschool as a role model for theirs.


2) Chance to Step Out of The Box, Delivering Quality Education


Franchises offer little room for deviation. This is a disadvantage when it comes to a non-franchise solution. There is always room for improvement and constant growth to provide a better preschool education.


Ordinary concepts won’t work and it is usually owners of non-franchise preschools that drive change. Their out-of-the-box thinking enables them to create something unique and implement it in their curriculum.


3) Complete Control & Ability to Make Changes


An owner of a non-franchise preschool can take complete control of all operations. If they see something is wrong, they can take immediate steps to correct it.


This isn’t the case with a franchise preschool where there is a chain of command and actions. Non-franchise preschools are likely to be the favourite between entrepreneurs and parents. This is because of the flexibility they offer all parties.


Educators who like effecting change will feel the non-franchise model is more empowering. Teaching methods can face adjustments within days or weeks.


An added plus is that there is direct contact between the owner and teachers. Together owners and teachers can communicate problems and arrive at solutions. This model brings everyone into the teaching process and makes staff feel more valued.


4) Fulfil Your Dream of Shaping Futures


Most people look for an easy opportunity to start a preschool, without looking further. Majority care more about the business aspect of it.


The truth is, an aspiring preschool owner can be an educator. As a result , many of these people drive to own a preschool to change the education system. They have a direct chance to change the way children learn.


They can also implement certain teaching methods that may see higher success rates than others. In turn, this gives children a better education. Daycare preschool is a child’s first time learning.


This means that owners would have the chance to shape the future of all children attending their preschool.


Start a preschool


5) Experience the Joy of Succeeding


Not many people get to say that they are self-made business owners. When you start a preschool in the non-franchise model, you have this opportunity. There is something very satisfying about seeing a business grow from the ground.


A daycare preschool business will not be a success immediately, owners can watch it grow. With continuous efforts, aspiring entrepreneurs can take their preschool business to the next level.


Whenever , the preschool becomes a successful business, owners can look back and be glad about their decision and pushed through the challenges.


6) Royalty & Franchise Fee-Free Business


Opting for a franchise means opting for someone else’s idea! As a result, these solutions usually come with the disadvantage of having to split with profits.


Royalty and franchise fees are mandatory when picking a franchise preschool business. This increases the financial burden as it is an extra cost. The fees have to be paid, irrespective of how successful the preschool is.


How a Kreedo Non-Franchise Preschool Drives the Change


A Kreedo preschool, a daycare which Kreedo has helped to start, is not a franchise preschool. Instead, the preschool is named and branded according to the owner’s preferences.


Kreedo, an education solutions provider makes it easier to start a preschool. Advice, curriculum content, and teacher training programs are all areas where Kreedo assists a preschool owner.


Why choose Kreedo instead of doing it alone? Here’s why:


  • 50% chance of a better outcome
  • Chance to work with an education provider who has started 2200+ schools
  • Assistance in building a better non-franchise preschool brand
  • Ability to gain admissions easily through facilitated marketing
  • Guidance to deliver an impactful learning experience to children


With all of these benefits, prospective preschool owners wouldn’t mind partnering with Kreedo. Any preschool started with Kreedo’s help has the best chance of continuously thriving and succeeding.




A non-franchise preschool always makes a better alternative to a franchise preschool. This is because it provides owners with freedom, and the ability to experience self-made success, and lacks royalty and franchise fees.


But, when an education solutions provider like Kreedo offers assistance while offering all the benefits, it greatly aids owners. Preschool owners won’t have to think twice about partnering with Kreedo to start a preschool.




Q.) Is a preschool a good business?

Ans. A preschool is a flourishing business option as there is always a need for education. Also, it is a business option for retired and current teachers. It can allow teachers to support the education system and young children.

Q.) What is the main difference between franchise and non-franchise preschools?

Ans. Franchise preschools offer more assistance but come with franchise and royalty costs. Non-franchise preschools offer more freedom and flexibility but a bit more risk and effort is necessary.

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