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Kreedo - Non Franchise preschool solution

The growth of early childhood education is affected by various reasons including increasing demand for early childhood education, recognition of its importance in the National Education Policy (2020), awareness of the critical school years of children, and course, urbanization. As awareness of early childhood education increases over time, potential businesses are looking for an established brand, a proven business plan, and a support network to help them start and continue their pre-primary franchise.


An early childhood education franchise typically involves the franchisor licensing its brand, curriculum, teaching methods, and other intellectual property to the franchisee to operate the early education centre. In exchange for the franchisor’s intellectual property rights and the right to use the operating system, the franchisee pays an initial franchise fee and ongoing license fees, such is the deal! Maybe, that is the reason, many brands opt to look for a play school franchise without royalty. However, it might not always be a feasible option, especially in terms of the options available in the market nowadays.  


Nevertheless, it is important to remember that early childhood education is not one size fits all. As every student is different and has varied learning needs, a kindergarten franchise needs to be able to tend to each child’s learning, which they may not always be able to provide. Educational franchises following the traditional method should also cover a wide range of subjects for students of different ages and educational levels. Early childhood education, on the other hand, usually focuses on a specific age group and educational strategy. This approach by a preschool franchise can provide students with a special and tailored experience, improving their willingness to learn as well!

There is a certain sense of focus that this might bring to the table for children. The adaptability and independence that comes with a handcrafted experience of a pre-school or play school franchise might just help not only the brands, but also improve the overall curriculum and vision for everyone involved. But, there is always a catch – the cost!

When a preschool looks to associate with a known name to up their business and resources, they would obviously choose look at a low cost preschool franchise for themselves. Why you ask? It is so because looking at it from a purely business perspective, costing proves to be a crucial decision-making factor. A low investment preschool franchise would suit their wallet and could also not take much from them to start from scratch with another nursery franchise. A ‘self-proclaimed’ best preschool franchise which focuses on innovative methods and educational trends could provide a variation to the quality and available resources for the children – but that would come with of course, a high monetary risk in terms of a preschool franchise cost.

Kreedo believes that education cannot be treated as a commodity that can be simply franchised

Honestly, the possibility of an upgrade in terms of curriculum and personalized educational strategy is a potential for the top preschool franchises to explore in the long run, the possibility of it looks bleak. Why you ask? The plain and simple answer to that would be that no one wants to change a system that has been working and functioning for a long period of time. 


So, where do you look when you want to know about ‘how to open preschool franchise’? This is where a non-franchise brand like Kreedo could come in! For a one-time setup price, we’re a revolutionary preschool solution that offers products and services to help you design a preschool franchise in India that’s all yours! We not only provide you with an activity-based curriculum, child assessments and lesson plans but also help you with teacher training and ongoing academic support!  We also provide a schedule of activities and topics in a curated learning environment to help teachers execute the syllabus after extensive training. Not to mention, we offer design services for you regarding creating brochures, banners and pamphlets! Our play-based preschool curriculum is based on informative learning materials designed to lay a strong foundation for students and their learning. Since most of our theories are taught through detailed materials and books, it is easier to encourage children to learn more! All of this, and potentially more if you are looking to create or preschool franchise India that is curated for your business and specifically for the benefit of early learners!


In today’s world, an important aspect of education is the teaching of important skills such as personal, social, emotional, and physical development, sensory development, motor skills, and creative thinking. All this can be developed through activity-based learning. Kreedo is a gamechanger in terms of different teaching methods needed to tap into children’s enormous and powerful desire to learn during their developmental years.

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