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Kreedo Preschool Activity, Getting Little Minds Active

Kreedo is a trusted name in preschool education with over 2200+ associated preschools and schools to its name. We have effectively helped individuals start up their own preschool businesses in over 350 cities throughout India. We are equipped with all the necessary preschool opening requirements and remain dedicated to helping young children develop and activate their minds through a Kreedo preschool.


Preschool opening requirements


What is Kreedo?

Kreedo is renowned as a trusted preschool and school solution that helps entrepreneurs and educators realize their dream of starting an education facility for young children. As a solutions provider, Kreedo preschool provides everything needed to start and grow your own brand preschool. Branding, marketing, fee structuring, teacher recruitment, and training are a few of the services that will be offered to preschool partners. Individuals who don’t know the preschool opening requirements can turn to Kreedo for reliable information and guidance.


Also, it is not just individuals looking to start a preschool that can turn to Kreedo, existing preschool owners can also upgrade their preschool to match updates in curriculum and the ever-evolving needs of young children.


Why is Preschool Activity Important?

For many parents around the world and in India too, preschool is considered the very first step to child education. It is the very first time that a child will be leaving the home environment and start to interact with other children their age.


Preschool is a means of getting young children prepared for further stages of education as there will be a very long way to go! Several skills can be learned during the educational journey that a preschool provides.


How Active Learning Plays a Role in Child Learning

Active learning is described as experience-based learning. By interacting with objects, people, and events, a child is able to learn through understanding some aspects of what is going on.


The reason why a preschool would opt to use this form of learning is because it is the most effective way to learn that comes naturally to children of such a young age. Active learning is essential to garner curiosity and help children make sense of their surroundings and certain processes.


Kreedo Preschool Approach to Active Learning

Our Kreedo preschool solutions are based majorly on active learning with an emphasis on outdoor activities that harbor curiosity and drive learning.


The Kreedo curriculum is carefully designed to ensure classroom academics and outdoor activities all craft a lesson by which children are able to easily learn it. A range of toys and games are also implemented to ensure learning is fun, after all, playing is the number one way by which children are able to naturally learn at their own speed.


What Makes Our Curriculum Different From Others

How does a Kreedo Preschool help to get young minds active? Our approach is based on a curriculum that uses what we describe as the 6Ts. We have elaborated on what each one is and what role it plays in invigorating the minds of children in their early years.


Toys & Games

Toys and games make up the activity for most children during their early years. It acts as the best way for children to learn according to their own capacity. Kreedo ensures the games and toys provided will be in line with course content and provide a unique learning lesson to every child to develop their personal or academic skills.



Even though young children may not be used to the classroom, our preschool curriculum does include classroom activities to get children adapted to the classroom environment which will be needed in later years when children shift to a more classroom-centric learning approach.



All activities to be carried out on a daily basis are entered into a timetable. This ensures teachers are able to manage time adequately. Also, a timetable helps children to become aware of time and encourages the ability to predict activities in a day.



A curriculum is only effective in connecting with young minds when well-trained and compassionate teachers are able to put their teachings across in a very absorbable manner. Kreedo helps in the recruitment of teachers as well as training teachers according to the new curriculum to ensure that teachers put forward their best ability to present the teachings in an easy and understandable manner.



To facilitate teaching and learning, Kreedo has a mobile application through which teachers are able to manage their work. A few features of the application are recording attendance, timetable tracking, generating and viewing reports, checking teaching modules, and much more.



Undoubtedly teamwork is imperative to achieving success. This is why the Kreedo curriculum is based on communication and cooperation between parents, teachers, and preschool owners.


How Does Kreedo Preschool Get Little Minds Active

The Kreedo curriculum aims at getting young minds active. Incorporating Mathematics, Science, and Language teachings, a child will also develop motor and sensory skills, as well as their emotions.


Apart from classroom learning for academic subjects, preschool opening requirements also prescribe the inclusion of arts and crafts to foster creativity and interest in hobbies.



Kreedo is dedicated to giving children in their early years the best possible start to an exciting education. Every activity added to the timetable is done to ensure young minds are active and increasing their maximum thinking potential and growth.


While keeping preschool opening requirements in mind, Kreedo is able to create an environment and curriculum that includes everything to create a foundation for an active mind.




Q.1) Can parents and teachers partner to support active learning?

Ans. Yes, parents and teachers can communicate regularly about their children’s progress. Furthermore, they can align their efforts to ensure that effective learning is taking place both at home and at preschool.

Q.2) What kind of activities will a child be subject to when learning at a Kreedo preschool?

Ans. Our curriculum is made of several activities, some of which are arts, and crafts, outdoor playing, science experiments, and other interactive activities that help to social skills, motor skills, and develop emotional learning.

Q.3) How does preschool learning benefit children for further learning?

Ans. Learning is a lifelong process and attending a preschool from an early age will equip children for further learning by teaching them to adapt to any environment and develop a strong educational foundation.

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