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Technology and Early Education: How does it work?

Technology is playing an increasingly important part in early education, especially during the recent pandemic where we have seen the world harness its power to continue its pursuit of education. Understandably, it is a tool that could potentially help in the continuance of learning and rightly so. However, there must be a certain amount of moderation that needs a whole lot of right intention in it as we know, with great power comes great responsibility! That is, while schooling would continue without the involvement of technology, it sure is an added boon for the education sector. 


Children still require a lot of hands-on learning and social contact, and technology ought to be used to supplement rather than replace these chances. So, how do modern technological advancements help early learning endeavours? First and foremost, tech-like online games helps a child reinforce all that they have learnt in their classroom and gives them access to practice materials when they are outside school hours. Secondly, using technologies can help teachers become more efficient and proficient in their daily workflow. Last but not the least, the additional advantage it gives the teachers and instructors to keep track of the progress of the student. Technology helps parents access reports and see the success of their child letting them be an equal part of their child’s overall academic growth.  


At Kreedo, we believe in the power of technology should be harnessed judiciously to enhance learning outcomes. We incorporate technology as an integral component of our early learning programme. The core of the Kreedo curriculum is the 6T framework to improve learning outcomes. Our 6T curriculum tool and Practico are two of the ways we provide technology to our partner schools! But how does it serve the cause? 


To build a technically smart preschool, Kreedo Association is what you need!

Honestly speaking, there has been a lot of talk about how higher screen time affects children, and that fear is very natural for parents. But when we use the screen with the right intention and just the right amount, it can prove to be helpful for students to learn, understand and reinforce concepts easily. Online games are the perfect tools that can help supplement and continue their learning at home. With our gaming application Practico, we intend to do just that. A personalised learning path is dynamically assigned to the child based on the stages selected. Each game is tailored to a particular skill. Each game has progressively more difficult levels that help the child perfect a particular ability. Using this adaptive learning experience, students face incremental challenges which are based on real-life contexts and give the students the freedom of choice to explore, discover and correct their own mistakes. 

And it is not just the students who are assisted by early education technology. Teachers and parents might be able to enhance learning outcomes when they judiciously harness the power of technology. Kreedo’s 6T curriculum application helps instructors with videos on how to perform activities in the classroom and the lab and also provides report cards and assessments for the improvement of the students. It helps to generate a progress report using a Rubrics based assessment, based on data entered by teachers who are taught to assess objectively and periodically. In this way, children’s progress is easily tracked and communicated to parents who can now, actively participate in their child’s academic journey! 

We, thus, look forward to creating an organized learning environment using the 6T framework, which has play-based learning at its heart. Our goal in working with technology is and will always be to boost activity-based learning through games and the proper use of the 6T app to complete the learning cycle.

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