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Books and Learning: The Building Blocks of Success

Have you heard about the new National Education Policy? With its recent implementative changes, it has placed even greater importance on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE). It is because the early years of a child’s life are critical for their development and learning! And a key part of ECCE is using books that meet policy guidelines.


What does that mean? Not only do they provide knowledge and information, but they also help children in so many other ways. Reading books can help develop language and vocabulary skills. Exposure to a wide range of words and concepts can stimulate young minds and help them develop a love for language! And that’s not all – books can also help stimulate the brain of a child, enhance their cognitive development, and even develop their social and emotional skills! Books can even induce children to think creatively and develop their imagination. But, let’s not forget, selecting the right books for preschoolers is crucial. We want to ensure they receive the best possible start in life, right? 


Aligned with the latest NEP guidelines that promote holistic learning and development, the books provided by Kreedo could prove useful for a child’s overall improvement. Developed by Early Childhood Education experts, Kreedo’s books follow a child-centric and play-based approach, covering critical areas of development like literacy, numeracy, sensorial, logical reasoning, and environmental science. Our curriculum is implemented through scientifically designed learning materials, classroom activities, assessment modules, and books. 

Did you know, Kreedo's books follow a child-centric, play-based approach aligned with the latest NEP guidelines ?

Kreedo books are provided to children based on their age and developmental stage. The rhyme book for nursery-level children helps them pronounce words and numbers correctly. Workbooks are provided for language, mathematics, and cognitive skills at different levels, while EVS books cover all curriculum areas across the nursery, preschool, and elementary levels. A lab book helps the students move from concrete to abstract learning, developing logical reasoning and making learning easy. Vocabulary enrichment books at every level help children expand their vocabulary and improve language skills. In contrast, the art and craft book develops a creative outlet that encourages decision-making and inventiveness in various ways.

We know that toys and materials are not ordinary playthings, they are children’s partners in developing skills and understanding concepts and Kreedo’s learning materials are mapped to the curriculum, which takes learning to the next level. So, what is the point of having books? They reinforce whatever the child learns through the material, Which means that the concepts which the child learns in the concrete form will be reinforced through the abstract form. The concepts learnt in such a way will stick with the child for a long time. 

So, books are an essential tool for parents and educators to introduce children to new concepts and experiences. Kreedo has been using activity-based learning with toys and books to deliver the best learning outcome, for many years and has proven useful in providing quality education to the students in our partner schools.

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