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Hiring and Training Staff for Your Preschool: Best Practices

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Best Practices for Hiring Daycare Preschool Staff
  • Best Practices for Training Daycare Preschool Preschool Staff
  • Key Notes
  • FAQs




Opening up a daycare preschool is an exciting experience for edupreneurs looking to make their mark and change the preschool market. However, the success of your preschool depends on several factors. One of which is the preschool staff. Teachers’ skills, characteristics, and experience can influence their ability to teach effectively. 


This blog covers the best practices for hiring preschool staff and training them effectively.   


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Best Practices for Hiring Daycare Preschool Staff


Hiring preschool staff is an important task. Not only must these staff members have the appropriate qualifications, but they also need to have good character. Preschool children are sensitive and need all the positive attention and patience they can get. 


Here are a few tips to ensure a seamless and transparent hiring process.


1. Creating Effective Job Postings


To attract candidates and the right ones, an effective job advertisement is necessary. Someone who knows the role should make the description to ensure all details are correct. 


The job description should clearly define:


  • Job role
  • Required teachers skills 
  • Job timings 
  • Salary details  
  • Benefits
  • Future growth opportunities 


Including all of the above details helps preschool teachers understand the role better. It also helps them determine if the role will suit them.     


Teacher training programs


2. Leverage Multiple Modes of Advertising 


These days, the internet is an effective method of communicating. Preschools can use it to communicate their staffing requirements. Multiple methods of online advertising can help to attract appropriate candidates faster. 


Settling for word-of-mouth or offline advertising may not be effective and preschool owners should consider all modes of advertising. 


3. Outline Your Preschool Well


In addition to correct job details, highlighting your preschool, its values and goals is also vital. To effectively contribute to your preschool, teachers should know what the preschool is all about.


This includes explaining and even showing what your preschool working culture is like. Also, make sure to show how the preschool is helping children develop and how this positively affects the community. 


When personal goals and preschool goals align, preschool teachers are most likely to be successful contributors. Also, it helps to forge dedication among preschool staff.              


4. Be Honest But Also Understanding During Interviewing 


During the interview preschool owners need to be very clear about their requirements and expectations. In addition to this, they must understand the full scenario of the candidate.


Meeting each other halfway has benefits for both the preschool and the preschool teachers. Improvement of teachers’ skills is one area which needs clarity for a preschool to be successful.   


Teachers skills


5. Background Checks May be Mandatory 


Before completing the hiring process, background checks could be mandatory for teaching and non-teaching staff.  


This will ensure a safe environment, something preschool students’ parents greatly consider. Carrying out this step will build more trust in the hiring process of the daycare preschool. It will also help to create stronger relationships with parents. 


You can find out more about licensing requirements here: How to Open a Daycare Preschool Center in India- Registration Process, Business Plan, and Certifications. 


Best Practices for Training Daycare Preschool Preschool Staff 


Training is essential for anyone looking to improve their existing skills and become more efficient. Preschools must focus on allowing staff to grow and expand their skills. Hence, teacher training programs regularly are essential for teaching staff. 


1. Assess Teacher Strengths & Weaknesses


The best way to improve teachers’ skills is by first understanding what they require. This starts by making a deeper assessment of their skills and teaching approaches. 


Doing so will determine strengths and weaknesses, and what areas need more focus and development. Making an assessment allows the training process to be personalised and effective.


2. Follow the Market: Equip Teachers With Latest & Most Effective Teaching Techniques 


Education is such a market that always changes. Preschool teachers need to weather these changes in order to teach effectively.     


Teaching training isn’t just about correction, it is also about learning new things. As a result, preschool teacher training programs should incorporate modern teaching methods. This helps to keep teachers updated and improve the preschool’s education quality. 


Looking for an effective teacher training program? Here’s a Teacher Training Program to Help Improve Teachers’ Skills.


3. Check The Effectiveness of the Training


To make a difference to the teachers and teaching method, teacher training programs need follow-up assessment. 


This will check how well the teachers are absorbing the training. If they are having difficulty, this follow-up will help to pinpoint where it is coming from. Addressing the issues will help to make any future training exercises more successful. 


Daycare & preschool


4. Teacher and Staff Feedback


Being a successful preschool owner also requires listening to the staff members. Taking into consideration their challenges can help improve the work culture and environment. 


Feedback and suggestions can help make improvements at the daycare preschool. Also, it fosters a better relationship between staff and staff and owners. 


Need everything you need to start a preschool except a name? Check out our Extensive School Name Ideas List. 


Key Notes


Teachers are a core factor in daycare preschool success. Preschool owners should hire and train preschool staff well to ensure a better and safer learning environment. Some of the best practices for hiring are:


  • Creating an effective job posting
  • Using multiple advertising methods
  • Highlight preschool values and work culture
  • Be honest yet understanding during interview
  • Carry out background checks for safety purposes 




Q 1) Why are teachers’ training programs necessary for preschool teachers?

Ans) These are unnecessary to ensure continuous improvement in teaching techniques and knowledge. It will help teachers grow and find more ways to ensure a positive learning environment for preschool children. 


Q 2) What is the most important step when it comes to hiring preschool teachers?

Ans) The entire process of hiring is important. However, the standout steps are highlighting the requirements carefully and undertaking a transparent interview process.  


Q 3) How do you recruit preschool teachers inclusively?

Ans) To create a diverse workforce for a daycare preschool, everyone should be given equal opportunity. This also requires interviewers to be unbiased and allow different people an opportunity instead of being rigid.        

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