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Everything You Should Know About Preschool Franchise

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is a Preschool Franchise?
  • Advantages of Choosing a School Franchise
  • Requirements to Open a Preschool Business
  • Cons of a Preschool Franchise Business
  • Non-Franchise Preschool: Alternative to Preschool Franchise
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs




The words ‘preschool franchise’ are increasingly common nowadays, yet not everyone fully understands their meaning. This blog explains everything about preschools and more precisely school franchise models. It also shows how franchise and non-franchise models differ.


Ready to start your preschool? Learn all about crafting a comprehensive preschool business plan.


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What is a Preschool Franchise?


The concept of franchising involves individuals of a successful business allowing other individuals to use their business trademark, system of business, and more.


All this is provided in exchange for royalty fees The party that owns the franchise/trademark is the franchisor. The franchisee is the individual seeking the trademark and paying royalties.


Advantages of Choosing a School Franchise

Opting to start a school or preschool as part of a franchise plan does offer benefits. These benefits are sufficient to convince educators to take the first steps towards opening a preschool.


These are some reasons why a school franchise is more fruitful than a self-owned venture.


1. Benefit From Good Pre-Existing Reputation


Opening a franchise preschool from a top brand can help create a successful business. Business reputation is important to people. As a result, a franchise with a good reputation is influential.


People wanting to open a franchise preschool can use brand image to their advantage. Picking a successful franchise can help to ensure a higher success rate.


2. Fail-Proof Business Model


The best part of a preschool franchise is the successful business model in place. This makes your preschool business likely to flourish under the same model.


It may provide a fail-proof business model but there is a limitation. The new franchise owner may not be able to make and direct decisions. This would limit their influence on preschool operations.


3. Continued Help & Support


As a school franchise owner, there will always be help from the original owners. This is because the image of the brand needs to be upheld. Helping out the franchisees will also see success for all parties.


Together the franchisor and franchisees can ensure a trusted name in education. Working to improve the brand and the quality of education will work to gain the trust of parents.


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4. Low Financial Risk

Opening a play school franchise comes with lower financial risk. This is because the business model has shown itself to be a success rather than a failure.


But note that a franchise preschool like a non-franchise preschool still has risk. All businesses have this risk.


Requirements to Open a Preschool Business


There are a few requirements for opening a franchise business. This is even though the franchisor will provide most of them.


  • Legal permission from the franchisor to use trademarks
  • Permits and licences to run a preschool franchise
  • Safe and accessible premises
  • Interior designing and furnishings to suit children’s requirements
  • Effectively trained and experienced staff
  • Find out more about navigating the processes for preschool legal requirements and licensing.


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Cons of a Preschool Franchise Business


There are several benefits of opening a franchise-preschool. But there are a few disadvantages to take note of.


  • Regular Royalty-Fee Payment


As there is no large one-time payment for trademark usage. But, the new preschool or kindergarten franchise owner must pay regular instalments. These are royalty-fees that need to be paid to the actual owner of the preschool business trademark.


  • Limited Scope for Innovation


When opening a new school in a franchise model, there is already a plan and curriculum in place. Educators must know there is minimal opportunity to influence the operations.


Any changes need the franchise owner to agree. Only then will it see implementation.


  • Decision-Making Left to Franchisor/Trademark Owners


As a franchisee, owners won’t have the luxury of makes significant changes to their preschool. This includes decisions about the running of the pre school franchise and the curriculum as well.


Feel like starting your own preschool brand is the best path forward? Check out this ultimate guide to launching your preschool business.



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Non-Franchise Preschool: Alternative to Preschool Franchise


Edupreneurs wondering if there is another option will be happy to know there is one. Non-franchise preschools do not have affiliation to an existing pre-school chain.


A non-franchise preschool will not attract the additional fees that a typical school franchise comes with. This also opens up the opportunity of starting your own franchise one day.


There are several benefits of a non-franchise preschools:


1. More Control Over the Preschool


Every education enthusiast wants to see their preschool make an impact. Be it on their students or the wider community. Being the sole owner of a non-franchise preschool you have more control over your school.


They can make improvements to teach the curriculum more effectively. Or can incorporate other life lessons. As the owner you can! A franchise preschool doesn’t provide this ability as there is a chain of command to follow.


2. Ability to Influence Curriculum


Owners also have a direct say of how to execute the curriculum. They can direct teachers according to experience they have in teaching.


3. No Royalties and Franchise Fees


Profits will not see large deductions due to royalty and school franchise fees. As a result, owners can see better profits from non-franchise models. Also, it can help them cover loans they may have sooner.


Because non-franchise school owners are the real owners, they can use profits. This can include making renovations or expanding their preschool.


4. Kreedo Help & Support Throughout


Kreedo is a complete preschool solution provider, who has experience in helping open 2200+ schools in India. This is positively impacting over 300,000 children across the country. This has related to a 50% better outcome than the market.


The best part is you can get help starting your non-franchise preschool. Kreedo, an expert in school solutions will help you start and run your preschool. This support expands to include:

  • Location selection
  • Curriculum development
  • Hiring and training of teaching staff

Approach Kreedo to start your own preschool today!




Educators have two options available when starting a preschool. They can opt for a school franchise or a non-franchise option. Both have advantages. The biggest advantage of a non-franchise preschool is Kreedo’s support. They help to start the preschool and running the preschool.


Ready to start your non-franchise preschool today? Contact Kreedo today to make it happen!




Q 1) What is a preschool franchise?

Ans) Franchise preschools use the business template and branding of another business. This is with their permission. This attracts royalty and franchise fees.


Q 2)What is a non-franchise preschool, how does it differ from a franchise preschool?

Ans) A non-franchise preschool is one that educators will start from scratch. These preschools are not started based on a blueprint from an existing preschool. These preschools allow for more control over running of the preschool and quality.


Q 3) Is a pre school franchise more expensive?

Ans) No, these preschool models are not more expensive than a non-franchise preschool. With most of the planning for such a business complete, there would be no need to spend money on this and other tasks. This is the advantage of choosing a tried and tested business plan.


Q 4)Can a school franchise be profitable?

Ans) Yes, it can be profitable. Owners may take time to become profitable. But after that it can become profitable with the right pricing plan.

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