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Why Do Edupreneurs Choose Non-Franchise Over Franchise? 

Table Of Contents


  • Introduction
  • Reasons Why Edupreneurs Choose the Non-Franchise Option
  • One-Time Investment
  • Direct Influence on Quality of Services 
  • Flexibility to Influence Direction
  • Complete Ownership & Control 
  • Ability to Establish Your Brand
  • Not Held to Franchisee Name
  • Greater Profit Margin 
  • Summary
  • FAQs




Starting a preschool is an exciting idea for aspiring edupreneurs willing to become an educator and business owner. But a common question they face is why choose the non-franchise model over the franchise model. 


This blog looks at why most edupreneurs choose the non-franchise model. The most common reasons being great control, direct influence, greater profit and ability to grow from scratch. 


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Reasons Why Edupreneurs Choose the Non-Franchise Option


There are multiple appealing factors of the non-franchise model over the franchise model. Educators will look to revolutionise preschool systems and run a successful business. They can choose the non-franchise model for the following reasons. 


  • One-time investment
  • Direct Influence on Quality of Services 
  • Direct Influence on Decision-Making
  • Ability to Establish Your Brand
  • Not being Held to Franchisee Name 
  • Greater Profit Margin 


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One-Time Investment


A non-franchise preschool offers edupreneurs the ability to make a one-time investment to follow their dreams. Edupreneurs will have full authority over their non-franchised preschool. 


This allows them to direct the growth of their preschool through decisions. 


Choosing this model, allows edupreneurs to not deal with the various costs accompanying franchisees. Owners will not be liable to pay any franchise fees and royalties. 


Financial planning also brings into question the pricing plan. Having a non-franchise school allows owners to follow their own pricing plan. Being able to do this can influence the amount of money an individual would like to invest.  


It can also dictate how much time it takes to break even and cover investments. 



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Direct Influence on Quality of Services 


As the sole owner of a non-franchise preschool, educators and owners can directly influence service quality. Because of this, there is a direct opportunity to create an exceptional learning experience. 


Good learning experiences are good because all parents look at the quality of services before enrollment. Owners can effectively make changes that positively impact the learning experience.


Because of the direct influence in this model, they won’t have to put forth a suggestion. They don’t need to wait for these suggestions to be considered by higher management in Franchise schools. 


Also, because of this ownership, changes to improve service quality can be implemented immediately. 


Flexibility to Influence Direction


There are undeniable benefits to being the sole owner of a preschool you are building from scratch. This path to becoming an edupreneur offers full flexibility to starting a preschool.


The flexibility offered by choosing the non-franchise business model are:


  • Ability to start the business at own pace
  • All decisions are self-made
  • Issues can be addressed immediately 
  • Owners have the final decision, they don’t have to go through a chain of command


This flexibility is not available when following a franchise business model for opening a preschool. 



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Complete Ownership & Control 


Being an owner of a preschool and having to answer to someone else are completely different. 


Being the owner allows you to make any changes or updates whenever you feel necessary. Changes or upgrades can be in terms of education or running a preschool. 


The ownership opens a path for accountability and constant improvement. Whereas with franchise education institutes, for every improvement they need to follow a long process.   


Ability to Establish Your Brand


Educators who have turned edupreneurs may favour the non-franchise model for another reason. The idea of creating something from zero and promoting it to grow till higher numbers is worth investing.


This is especially true for educators who have a natural passion for education. They can look at the market, apply their experience, and make changes. Other preschool owners may even adopt successful changes. 


That said, if the business does well enough there is an opportunity to start a chain of preschools. This is a great way to create a lasting impression and also effect change in young children’s lives.


The early years of education are the most important ones. Parents always look for schools that offer the best education that yields results.   


Not Held to Franchisee Name 


Many edupreneurs shy away from opening a franchise preschool. There are several reasons for this decision. The biggest is having to live up to the franchise name. 


A newly opened preschool that is a franchise model has to follow all regulations and processes. This can be a frustrating process; there would be no direct authority to make changes. 


Basically, opening your preschool with a franchise name comes with a pre-set reputation. There won’t be much opportunity to build your own brand. 


Take a look at these market research strategies for your preschool business. 


Greater Profit Margin 


Edupreneurs must be aware that they have to spend their valuable money in starting their own preschool. As a result, recovering the costs and becoming profitable is something they will think about. 


When opening a non-franchise school, profits do not have to be distributed. There are no extra franchise fees and royalties to consider. This is appealing as having to pay those fees could easily cut down most of the profit.  


Because of the lack of costs, edupreneurs can even look forward to recovering their costs. Apart from this they have the opportunity to become profitable quite soon.    



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When choosing between non-franchise or franchise business models, edupreneurs need to consider the pros and cons.  


Advantages of non-franchise preschool models are:


  • One-time investment
  • Direct Influence on Quality of Services 
  • Flexibility to Influence Direction
  • Ability to Establish Your Brand
  • Not being Held to Franchisee Name 
  • Greater Profit Margin 




Q 1) Is a preschool a profitable business?

Ans) A preschool is the first step in every child’s life. Given that every child needs this educational foundation, it is a good business idea. The profitability depends on the owner’s planning. The pricing plan should be carefully caluctaed to ensure it is both reasonable and profitable. 


Q 2) What are the main disadvantages of a franchise preschool?

Ans) The biggest disadvantages of a franchise are lack of control, inability to make decisions, and franchise/royalty fees. 

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