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Comparing the Kreedo Curriculum to Other Preschool Curriculums

With a plethora of preschools opening, parents will be cautious and look to find the one that will give their child the best introduction to learning. By looking at the curriculum and the method in which it will be executed, parents can gather an idea of the level of education. The Kreedo preschool curriculum adopted by all Kreedo-based preschools is just one of the best curriculums that will provide children with the best few years of early learning.


Find out what makes the Kreedo curriculum better than other preschool curriculums.


Qualities of a Good Preschool Curriculum

What are the qualities of a good curriculum that will be adopted well by preschool-aged children? There are actually quite a few telling signs. Here are some of the signs of a good curriculum.


Kreedo preschool curriculum


  1. Easy for children to understand
  2. Easy to implement
  3. Child centric
  4. Covers all areas of development
  5. Promotes Authentic Learning
  6. Involves playing, games, and toys


When a curriculum satisfies all of the above pointers, you know a child will be learning well and having fun at the same time!


The Kreedo Preschool Curriculum

Kreedo preschool solutions is an expert in providing prospective preschool owners with everything needed to start their own brand of preschool. A key factor of every preschool and something that is even used as an aid in teaching is a child’s natural instinct to explore, play, and deduce its working mechanism.


1) Play-Based Learning

Using direct teaching methods for children of such a young age will not prove to be very successful! Instead, preschool teachers need to adopt a method that will be easy to grasp and exciting as this will be the most likely way to help them learn.


Why is play-based learning so important in a preschool curriculum? Children from a young age develop a natural tendency to play, especially with objects they are surrounded by. Adapting a curriculum to include playing in such a way that it compliments and aids learning is just one way in which the Kreedo Preschool curriculum gets the best results.


2) Fostering Learning Through Curiosity

Have you ever experienced curiosity before? If you have, then you will know what a helpful tool it is in garnering knowledge and learning from the environment. It is through playing that children will develop thinking skills and increase their knowledge.


Through curiosity, children are able to develop their critical thinking skills and ability to piece things together. Invoking curious thinking requires preschool owners and teachers to use creativity and design the classroom in such a way that makes children want to think and learn.


In addition to designing the classroom and playground to inspire curiosity and learning, utilizing objects to make learning even more fun and appropriate for children at this young age.


3) Individualized Tailor-Made Learning

As a teacher, it is a known fact that some children learn at a faster pace than others and it is not because of the teaching method. Teachers will have to make the adaptation in order to ensure that all students are able to learn at the same pace.


What makes this possible? The Kreedo preschool curriculum is devised by experts who understand the early capabilities of young children. By playing to the strengths of young children, a curriculum that is fun, easy, and useful in providing a platform for further years of learning.


Parents will undoubtedly feel more at ease knowing that regardless of their child’s learning pace, there is a curriculum that will bring fruitful results.


4) NEP and NCF Aligned Curriculum

With education systems changing so often, parents will be worried as to whether their child’s education is aligned with the current curriculums and if not, will making the change be difficult for their child.


The good news is that Kreedo makes sure your child is on the path to further education that is in line with the government-approved NEP and NCF curriculums. Children will be learning a curriculum that will help ease children onto the NEP and NCF curriculums which will be taught to them in later years of education. This means they will not have to make the switch later on and will not encounter any learning obstacles when this time arrives.


Other Preschool Curriculums

Most other preschool curriculums are hard and fast teaching, placing children in unpleasant classrooms and not utilizing the key characteristics of children that help them learn naturally. These curriculums are not child-centric and this is why children may not learn fast or at all!


The methods utilized in preschools using these alternative curriculums are not specialized for young children let alone for children who may not learn as fast as others.


Traditional Learning

Traditional blackboard teaching methods are not as effective for preschool-aged children as they are not used to strict learning. Young children are very playful and curious and preschool owners who play to these qualities when devising a curriculum are likely to find success.


Why Kreedo Preschool Curriculum is More Successful Than Other Curriculums
The differences between the Kreedo curriculum and other preschool curriculums are quite evident! The impressive results from Kreedo-initiated preschool children are the best positive start a parent could give their child!


Young children entering preschool still have a long time to go before their education ends. Therefore, it is important that preschool owners, teachers, and parents come together to instill a love for learning.


The inclusion of play-based learning, fostering of curiosity, and parent-teacher interaction have had the best results in a successful preschool education.



Choosing and implementing a preschool curriculum is an important decision that can influence a child’s early years of education. The most effective curriculum that will yield the best results must be centered around the natural learning methods of children. The Kreedo preschool curriculum is child-centric and inclusive. The Kreedo curriculum uses games and learning, curiosity, and a hands-on approach to teach children in an easy and fun manner which also works to foster a genuine love for learning.




Q.1) How does the Kreedo curriculum help social and emotional development?

Ans. The Kreedo curriculum has activities and play-based lessons that also work to develop a child’s empathy, confidence, communication, and social skills. That said, any child studying in a Kreedo preschool will receive an all-rounded learning experience.

Q.2) What is meant by Kreedo’s individualized learning?

Ans. Every child has unique needs, the Kreedo curriculum is made to ensure the specific needs of every child are understood and catered to, allowing them to get the best out of their preschool years and learn to love learning.

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