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What Leads to Home-Based Preschool Curriculum Success?

Table of Content

  • Why Start a Preschool at Home?
  • How to Ensure Home-Based Preschool Success
  • Support From an Academic Expert
  • Key Notes (Conclusion)
  • FAQs


If you are a budding educator, you might have considered the premise of turning your home into a preschool. Which, if you ask us, is a great idea! Numerous successful preschools in India have started from home. Preschool is a rewarding business. Let’s delve into how we can set up and run a preschool at home.


Parents are becoming aware of the importance of early childhood education. Compassionate, skilled staff and preschool curriculum play major roles in a successful preschool. This is in addition to an inspiring learning environment.


This blog explores the best practices for preschool. Especially those that edupreneurs can use for home-based preschool success.


Looking to start a preschool at home? Here’s a detailed guide on How to start a playschool at home.


How to start a playschool at home

Why Start a Preschool at Home?


Starting a preschool is an exciting journey that you should look forward to. It isn’t just a business market that is growing. It offers multiple benefits to educators or anyone interested in early childhood education.


Increasing awareness about the importance of early childhood education is growing among parents. This acts as just one of the reasons to start a preschool or school for early childhood education.


There are several benefits of starting a preschool. Early childhood education is one of them, setting a sturdy foundation for children. A sturdy foundation then leads to academic success.


importance of early childhood education


With all the preschool opening requirements in hand, edupreneurs can open their preschool anywhere. This even includes a home location on the 13th floor of a building or a stand-alone home.

How to Ensure Home-Based Preschool Success


For success, preschools must deliver preschool curriculum in an easy and fun way. This allows children to absorb it better.


Understanding factors and their influence shows what’s necessary for home-based preschool success. Here are the various factors necessary for home-based preschool success.

Ensure Your Home Makes a Safe & Secure Preschool Premises


The presence of safe and secure environments ensures impactful learning. This is among the most important preschool opening requirements.


Edupreneurs should ensure their preschool location provides safety and security to children. Partnering with Kreedo means you get help in finding the best place to open your preschool.


The premises should be hygienic with a child-friendly environment. Apart from this, classroom decor must include learning material. Wall displays act as teaching aids for teachers. They help act as a learning aid for children, reinforcing their newly learned lessons.


Effective Preschool Curriculum

Follow an Effective Preschool Curriculum


Preschool is the foundation of learning for children between the ages of 2 to 6 years old. Child-centred curriculum that focuses on making concepts concrete rather than memorisation is apt!


Read all about the importance of preschool curriculum in early education.


An effective curriculum for preschools should focus on activity-based learning. The play-based preschool curriculum developed by Kreedo takes a hands-on approach to teaching all subjects.


The curriculum should be further supported by components that help to implement it. A Kreedo preschool includes 6 components. They are called the 6T Framework that helps in implementing the Kreedo curriculum:


  • Toys and Games
  • Theory
  • Timetable
  • Training
  • Technology
  • Teamwork


Children get to witness and work with concepts in the Kreedo Lab. It’s a structured learning environment with 250+ learning materials catering to all-round development. Children then get to reinforce this knowledge through classroom activities and books.


We follow the ‘concrete to abstract’ methodology where children practically learn the concept in the lab and then the concept is practised with real-life application, in the books. This completes the learning cycle from theory to practical.


Did you know even outside of the classroom, children can continue to reinforce their Mathematics, Reading, Phonics, Writing and Cognition concepts? This is possible through the gamified learning app, Practico. It has 100+ games and stories where children can turn their passive screen time into active learning time.


The learning doesn’t end here. Through continuous growth assessments, teachers conduct remedial, ensuring children catch up on skills.


Have the Best Staff to Facilitate Learning & Skill Development


An effective and reliable workforce is one of the basic preschool opening requirements. In addition to teachers, preschools also require coordinators to ensure smooth daily operations.


Another key to a successful home-based preschool is the teacher-student ratio. A teacher-student ratio of 1:8 ensures each child gets the attention necessary for growth.


Educators benefit from a partnership between their preschool and Kreedo. When it comes to staff, there is an opportunity to increase skills and knowledge.


A Kreedo preschool will receive help in recruiting and training teachers. This occurs through regular specially crafted teacher training programs by Kreedo. Kreedo’s Pre-Primary Teacher Training Course (PTTC) prepares teachers to the adapting children’s needs. This results in delivering the curriculum effectively.


The Pre-Primary Teacher Training Course provided by Kreedo helps teachers to implement the Kreedo curriculum effectively by helping them:


  • Identify age-appropriate teaching strategies
  • Upskill their abilities
  • Refine their knowledge
  • Implement curriculum in the lab and classroom


Teachers gain knowledge and skills gained from the PTTC. Teachers can use it to implement the preschool curriculum through hands-on approaches.


 important teachers skills


Being patient and supportive are important teachers skills every preschool teacher needs. Owners need to look for these characteristics when hiring teachers.


Keep Children Engaged With Fun Activities


Preschool owners need to focus on delivering the preschool curriculum effectively. But, they must also focus on the social and emotional development of the child. A balance of both leads to the success of a preschool started at home.


There are many ways to keep children looking forward to attending your preschool.


Examples of fun activities for children include:


  • Short field trips
  • No uniform day
  • Craft days
  • Competitionsv


Support From an Academic Expert


As an academic partner, Kreedo brings 30+ years of expertise in establishing and managing preschools and upgrading existing schools. We have partnered with 2500+ schools across the country, impacted 5,00,000 children while consistently delivering 50% better learning outcomes.


Some of the most important benefits of choosing Kreedo to start, run, or upgrade your preschool/school are:


  1. Non-franchise model, no royalties
  2. Build your own brand
  3. Higher admissions
  4. High ROI and faster break-even
  5. Higher learning outcomes
  6. Comprehensive all-round support
  7. Reduced teacher burden


Key Notes


Home-based preschool success is attributed to many components. This includes:


Ensuring safe and secure premises, a play-based curriculum, skilled staff and coordinators, and having an academic partner for support.


Partnering with Kreedo offers individuals the opportunity to start or run their preschool/school effectively and efficiently. The Kreedo curriculum is play-based and leads to better learning outcomes that parents will be proud of.


Are you ready to turn your home into an inspiring learning environment? If you are ready to help deliver better learning outcomes with Kreedo, Enquire today and start your preschool.




How does Kreedo help individuals looking to start a preschool at home?

Partnering with Kreedo assists you in both starting and then running your preschool or school. This includes various other activities such as identifying a segment, brand building, structuring fees, curriculum development, marketing, teacher recruitment, improvement of teachers skills, and marketing.


What makes Kreedo’s preschool curriculum different from others?

The Kreedo approach to early childhood education uses play-based learning, a child-centric curriculum, that offers continuous growth assessment. Additionally, it uses enhanced methods enabled through technology.


What is the importance of early childhood education?

Early childhood education will form the foundation for all future learning a child will be exposed to. Ensuring a strong foundation and preparation for further learning to be successful is crucial.

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