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The Importance and Benefits of Drama for Children

Dramatization is the most significant model and basic activity for learning. It helps children to think about their individual or social problems. Children can learn to explore issues, events, and connections, by means of drama or role-play. In dramatization, children draw on their knowledge and experience of the real world in order to create a make-believe world.


Dramatization is the center of existence because it is a valuable form of communication. It provides children with an opportunity to work together cooperatively on a shared life. As a result, it gives children the chance to express themselves more effectively in everyday situations. Through dramatization, children learn to get along with others and to find out how they stand in relation to others. It is the only and the natural way through which they learn about themselves and the world. Dramatization is useful in developing play so that children can extend themselves creatively and constructively. With this, children are able to express and communicate their feelings and understandings in their own way. It gives children practice in reasoning and acknowledging. It also provides emotional content in their socialization.


Importance of dramatization:


1. Imagination and creativity: These are usually focused on understanding human behavior in terms of how people feel and behave in certain situations.


2. Play: As it is rightly said by Dr. Maria Montessori, “Play is the work of a child” Thus it is a profoundly important activity in the process of character development and one that they share with others.


3. The social aspect of dramatization: It helps the inherent qualities of the person making the effort, partly by increasing the sensitivity involved in sharing with other people and partly by determining for himself the sort of world he wishes to live in.


4. Creative problem solving: It is a social activity, since children work together on problem-solving through dramatization, they are working towards expressing their thoughts and solutions.


Benefits of dramatization:


Children get a lot of oral practice through dramatization which helps in their language development i.e., in improving pronunciation and fluency in the language. It is an interesting activity that includes a lot of fun, learning new ideas linked to everyday experiences and it also provides opportunities to develop social skills.


The children have to enact the characters so that they get better insights into the ancient characters, events, episodes, etc. The children are actively involved as they can feel the emotions of the characters in which they play. All senses are actively involved so learning is better. The dramatization includes the development of skills like listening, speaking, reading, and even writing. There is a deviation from the regular teaching so it is innovative and creates interest among children.


Get involved with your children in helping them enact. This will not only help in developing a bond with you but also make it easy for children to express their emotions to their parents.

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