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Enquiry and Admission Process

This is one of the most important parts of running the Kreedo School. Following are the steps that one could follow during the Admission process.




When a new parent visits the school for enquiring about your school.


    1. Greet and Invite them with a smile
    2. Choose a silent corner of your school(office) to discuss
    3. Ask them whom are they looking admission for, their age, where they stay
    4. Tell them about the Kreedo curriculum in a capsule with these inputs:
      1. Talk about the curriculum being driven by Montessori philosophy
      2. Talk about mixed age group system and its benefits
      3. Introduce the concepts that are taught to the children individually as each child is unique and has his or her own style and phase in learning concepts
      4. Talk about how themes are used to consolidate the concepts in the curriculum. This will be done age wise
      5. Let the parents know about the child-centric curriculum, its integration with the best practices of many early child years theories
      6. Tell them that the curriculum for every child starts the day they join – they don’t miss anything
      7. Let them know that curriculum also teaches the children concepts like place value system, grammar in language through materials
      8. Talk about helping the child to learn concepts from concrete (materials) to abstract.
      9. Tell the parents about the advanced assessment techniques which are continuous and scientific (rubrics format). It clearly specifies the levels without putting pressure on the child
      10. Tell the parents that their children can very well adjust to any type of curriculum in the primary years’ program (SSLC, CBSE, ICSE, and IB, etc.)
    5. Take them to the school and show them the layout. (Note: The children must not be working in the school when you take any parents)
    6. Ask them to enter the details in the enquiry form (if they do not prefer, don’t force)
    7. Show them the fee structure and share the details of the payment
    8. If the parents are planning to admit the child to your school, talk to them about the admission details
    9. Give them an appointment for doing the admission procedure. Encourage both parents to be present on the day


Admission Procedure:


  1. Collect the filled “Admission Form” from the parents
  2. Collect the photos, immunization record copy, birth certificate copy, etc
  3. Introduce the teacher to the parents
  4. Talk about the means through which you would communicate with them (Newsletter, social media, email, dairy, telephone, etc.)
  5. Tell them in detail about the settlement process and reassure them. Tell them that you will try your best to settle them quickly, however, generally, they take 1 to 2 weeks; ask them to be available to receive your calls during the settlement period in case you want to send the child early as there will be days when they cry and don’t settle and we do not want the child to get tired
  6. Talk about the policies that are followed in the school like the food policy, illness policy, the food that they need to send, the clothes that they need to wear, etc.
  7. Ask a few basic details about the child like “Does the child recognize his/her own name? Or by any pet name? What does he/she say for water, food, toilet, etc.?
  8. Talk to them about the following:
    1. Timing (We generally work for at least 3 to 3.30 hours)
    2. Program (Kreedo is the integration of the best practices of the Early Years methodology available and aligns itself with all the international standards and benchmarks like NAEYC, and EYFS. We introduce concepts and skills individually using educational aids-materials and the children use these skills to understand our themes which are generally science or social studies based unlike the other preschools where the concepts like shapes and colors are introduced through themes)
    3. Assessments (Talk to them about the holistic development of the child and show them the objective chart and its progression, show them the assessment record that we maintain and talk to them about the continuous assessment system that we follow and tell them about the report that will be generated twice a year)
    4. Parent Teacher’s Meeting
  9. In the end, reassure them about the settlement time and that you will take care.

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