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Commercial Success Vs Critical Acclaim

Most movie stars even after they are doing well commercially do not want to be branded as just “Stars” who survive on their charisma. They all hanker after that more important “critical acclaim” that proves their talent. They are looked down upon if they do not have this feather in their caps. However, there are many who have tasted instant critical acclaim. But, they have somehow never achieved commercial success.


So in life also, although education is essentially for the commercial success of every individual, after a certain point when commercial success has been achieved there is an inherent need to fulfill the social obligations of most humans. However, if children learn to appreciate critical acclaim early and opt out of the rat race, they find it difficult to get back into it at any point in the future. Those who have had their fair share of both have probably tasted all that experience has to offer.


Commercial success is easier to define, and we directly link it to monetary benefits. Since social fulfillment is more difficult to define as compared to commercial success, for the sake of convenience it can be defined as our work involving doing good that gives us “happiness” not linked to monetary returns.

The purpose of education should be to:

      • Aid the children in becoming independent thinkers and doers. In other words, enhance skills that will make them excel in whatever they do.
      • Create social awareness so the world can be a better place to live in. In other words, foster social skills that will make them good human beings!

Commercial Success Vs Critical Acclaim

Somewhere in every mind, is the need for approval. Commercial achievement and social success together gives all humans a feeling of security that enables them to be better human beings and rise up Maslow’s hierarchy. Many partially “critically successful” people spend their entire life trying to make a statement of the fact that they are happy or good at their work because this facet is not in focus when you see little of them. Because it is a very minuscule percentage of people who do not weigh their happiness or success without valuing society’s opinions. Hence an overwhelming majority actually have to be valued in society by society’s standards.


It is hence important for education to teach children to excel and constantly better themselves first because with this comes a lot of skills needed to survive in today’s world.


The need of the hour is to make people commercially successful and then make them social leaders, whom people will look up to. We also have confidence that these social leaders have what it takes to make a social cause viable and make it work.


It is true that ultimately it is contentment that we are all seeking. However, if contentment becomes the end in itself, then human beings stagnate. True contentment comes from the journey of reaching the end, striving for excellence, and always trying to better oneself. Mankind has progressed solely on this premise of bettering oneself and chance discoveries.


Education hence, must always keep this in mind and prepare the child accordingly.

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