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Looking to start a preschool that not only caters to the requirements of the students but also is a successful business? This means the right product combined with the right marketing strategy. It is what we call the science, art, and commerce of running a preschool!

Let us elaborate with a standard 4P framework! The 4P framework for Place, Price, Promotion, and Product is our all-around strategy on which you can establish your institution and create a brand image! Want to know more about it? 

The 4 P’s


When setting up a preschool, it is important to consider several factors such as accessibility, aesthetics, demographic considerations, and security. So, the place should be easy to reach, should be safe, and suitable for children. The population of your target segment around the place, whether it has a sufficient number of children who can afford to pay the fees that you have in mind should be considered. It should look appealing to parents and children and should be welcoming with a good amount of light and air. Aesthetically one can improve infrastructure easily with rough construction or painting. Similarly, any place can be made safe with grills or covering. But it is important to get a place that is bright and spacious with some outdoor space.


Kreedo guides all our partner schools to think about the above factors for any location they shortlist. Once our partners finalize the space/ building, Kreedo jumps into ideating with them on making it look its best. Preschools are children’s first home away from home, so it is important to make it warm, welcoming and of course, make them feel it belongs to them! 


The fee structure and the cost-effectiveness aspect of a preschool are important. It is a price-sensitive market being a competitive industry. Parents are conscious of what they are paying, yet everyone wants the best for their little ones. So the fees must be definitely commensurate with the quality of learning offered, yet must also be within a target range for your defined customer segment. One must neither overprice nor under-price their services but rather set a point that is justifiable.


Kreedo helps you understand and set the right price based on various parameters like geography, target segment, infrastructure, and of course the quality that a Kreedo curriculum brings to the table, thus helping our partner schools establish healthy admission rates! 


In today’s time and age, there is too much information and digital noise all around, which can lead to businesses going unnoticed. It is important to have the right promotional strategy which is affordable yet effective, to build your reputation and communicate what your preschool stands for. Many parents want the school that they are looking for not knowing that it is available right next door. It is important to draw in families by emphasizing the distinctive features of your preschool.


Kreedo’s solution helps create a curated strategy for your marketing needs, promoting the school in your locality and helping you build your brand with our extensive set of deliverables. With our help, you will be able to boost enrolment and guarantee the long-term sustainability of your preschool while making steady progress on your admission rates and brand image. 


And finally the most important internal element of a school, the product, that is learning. To deliver quality learning, the first step is to find the right teachers and then equip them. A nurturing facilitator combined with a stimulating environment is the key for children to learn.


We at Kreedo understand that toys are the teachers, and teachers are the guides that take the children through their learning journeys. Our experts at Kreedo help you understand who the right fit for your dream preschool would be in terms of attitude and ability, and then we take them on a rigorous training program so that your little ones will be in the best hands. With Kreedo we help partners have a skilled set of teachers, and see improvement in learning outcomes, and our methodology reduces teacher burden giving them more time for creativity and care. 


To summarize, understanding the business framework on which to build your dream preschool is essential. The service that you offer is learning, but it is also a journey that you are undertaking to build a brand that stays in the hearts of the children and their parents. We love being a part of every eduprenuer’s journey, and gloat with pride as they become successes!

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