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The preschool education program at Vedas Kidz Kradle focuses on creating an environment encouraging the needs of growing children; evolving their maximum potential. Circumstances are shaped to channelize the child’s activities through play and exploration, matching the control and organization of mind and body, reinforcing the senses, and developing motor skills within the pre-primary educational process. It is a journey that begins with curiosity and discovery to help evolve and an independent lifelong love for learning.

Every child in Vedas Kidz Kradle learns through experiences. All the activities are designed in such a way that child goes through a new and exciting experience and can memorize it as stimulates his or her memory to develop stronger emotional and intelligence quotients.

We believe and run-through a method that enables a “holistic development“ of the child. The parents and the teachers work together to harness the child’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative, and spiritual potentials to the maximum level.

City: Bengaluru
State: Karnataka

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