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Kids 360 is the brainchild of passionate folks whose vision is to focus on holistic child care and development by nurturing the quality of early childcare and development to world-class levels. We do this by not only integrating the best from the world but also instilling India’s rich culture and inheritance by introducing the same in the preschool curriculum. We aim to provide an educational environment to ensure the overall development of each child.

Our vision is to encourage kids by providing the best in class learning and care through our unique child development program and lay the foundation for future leaders and innovators of this country.

We follow the Kreedo methodology, one of the best early childhood solutions of this country. Kreedo believes that every child is special and unique and the curriculum is implemented that is centered around this aspect. An important part of the curriculum is that there is no restriction on the age and the time of year at which children can be enrolled in the preschool. Kreedo considers all of these possibilities and provides “an individual plan tailored for every child”. It is due to this approach which is completely child-centric that the children can able to learn things and learn them better.

City: Bengaluru
State: Karnataka
Pincode: 560078

Kreedo has been the pioneer of Early Education in India. Our curriculum has been associated with more than 2000 schools and preschools in India and with more than 10000 teachers trained and 500000 children impacted, we have been at the forefront of Early Child Education in India. With our profound impact on traditional schooling, there’s no doubt our Home Learning Solution will be a revolutionary step towards educating young minds. Join us in our mission to learn for every family at their home. Call us at +918861001367 to know more or write to us on /

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