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Understanding Kreedo Certified PTTC
Presenting a unique certificate programme that has been precisely designed to prepare candidates to work as qualified teachers at institutions that are affiliated with Kreedo. This all-inclusive course provides the specialised information needed to implement play-based learning approaches with proficiency in the early years. It also sharpens the practical skills necessary to become skilled and effective instructors in the real world
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Why this course is ideal for you?
Kreedo has impacted over 300,000+ children nationwide through play-based and practical learning. We believe teaching encompasses more than just opening books and having children read or memorize the curriculum. If you aim to make a difference in the lives of young children to shape their future, then this course is ideal for you
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What advantages will teachers gain from enrolling in this course?
As Kreedo believes in “democratizing quality early education” with the help of PTTC, trained educators can: Learn to implement a play-based curriculum aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP) Provides internship and placement opportunities in a Kreedo-powered school Help you kick-start your career in early childhood education An ideal blend of online, and in-person sessions. Expert trainers and subject matter experts with vast practical experience. Ace the course and you have a great opportunity to be placed in a full-time role in a Kreedo-powered school
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Course Highlights​

Delivery Medium: English 

Learning Mode: 

  • Online and In-person  
  • Robust online and offline assessments to test understanding and skills

Duration: 100 hours

  • 50 hours of online videos shared via a Learning Management System
  • 50 hours of in-person training in a Kreedo lab

What outcomes to expect from Kreedo-certified Preschool Teacher Training Course?

Our innovative course represents a revolution in early childhood education. Our fundamental philosophy emphasises the importance of play-based learning in forming young minds, with educators playing a central role in this process.


This course equips educators to have a lasting impact on their students’ lives by using creative teaching methods and professional development to create learning experiences that last a lifetime.

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