Dream Kids, Khagaria, Bihar

I wanted to start the quality education system in my city since this was lacking and child had to migrate to other cities to get better quality education, which I had also done. I planned to start the quality education in Khagaria, a small town in Bihar, I have called many of the franchises but I was not satisfied with their quality, then I came across kreedo and understood the concept and importance of quality early childhood education.

After the training, I was very much impressed and became jealous why I had not got this kind of education when I was a child. When I planned to set up the school the main problem was to convince the parents as they did not understand the concept. It took some time and at last they understood the concept and were ready to help me setup “My Dream Kids” school. During the process of setting up of the Dream Kids, the kreedo team has helped a lot. After 4 months, I got 35 admissions in my school and every parent is very much happy with their child’s performance.

All this happened only with the help of Kreedo. My Best wishes are with the entire team of Kreedo.