We at Kreedo focus on incorporating the best practices from established early childhood
education methods like Montessori, keeping in mind academic and cultural requirements. Our approach
revolves around the uniqueness of every child. Through a child-centric curriculum,
scientifically designed materials, a structured environment and peer learning, we help
facilitate effective early education.


We at Kreedo focus on incorporating the best practices from established early childhood education methods like Montessori, keeping in mind academic and cultural requirements. Our approach revolves around the uniqueness of every child. Through a child-centric curriculum, scientifically designed materials, a structured environment and peer learning, we help facilitate effective early education.

0 to 6 years is vital for a child’s development

During this period, a child undergoes tremendous changes, including:

Rapid brain

Notable physical

Immense desire and
ability to learn concepts

The learning is the highest during this period


Our philosophy identifies this important period and provides the child with the right elements to
facilitate learning, including:

A structured environment
Theme-based learning
Freedom to choose the
learning materials
Acknowledgement of child’s work (No rewards | No punishments)
Activity based learning/
Experiential learning
learning materials
Freedom to choose/
the place of work
Peer learning


This period is also the right time to introduce a variety of concepts in the structured environment.
The concepts include:

Practical life


We have identified a few factors that all preschools have to address in order to
maximize the child’s potential.

Child-centric Curriculum

A curriculum that is mapped to the individual learning needs of a
child, covering all the essential areas of development

Scientifically Designed Materials

Educational aids that are designed to meet the
learning objectives of the curriculum

Child Evalutaion

Evaluating the child’s progress through periodic
assessment of all areas of development

Branding and Communication

Effective branding strategy and communication
methods to position the school

Teacher Training

Training program that covers the philosophy,
methodology and materials

Knowledge Application

Linking the curriculum, materials and
teacher’s role while working with children

Administrative Tools

Smart design templates to run the preschool


We believe that education as a service should not be franchised. There are numerous variables that limit the effectiveness of a preschool.

The variables include:
1. Education is not a commodity to run on a franchise model
2. Huge franchise and royalty fees
3. Partially trained teachers
4. Teacher-centric curriculum
5. Materials that may not deliver the required learning outcome
6. Inadequate support from franchise for the day-to-day running of the school
7. Geographic location of the preschool:
a. Lack of trained teachers in a specific location
b. Inability to meet the cultural requirements of the region

This is precisely the reason why we launched Kreedo as a solution for individuals/institutions who would like to run an effective preschool.

Here is how we mitigate these variables:
1. Complete freedom to own and run your own school
2. Non Franchise and No Royalty model | One time setting up cost
3. Effectively trained teachers
4. Developmentally appropriate and child-centric curriculum
5. Scientifically designed materials
6. Expert academic support to streamline school activities
7. Geographic location of the preschool:
a. Robust teacher training
b. Capability of integrating the local culture and practices during the curriculum implementation

Additionally, we also provide holistic child assessment tools and suggestions on communicating with the parents about their children.


Children between the ages of 0-6 years have immense capabilities to learn and the preschool has to ensure that each child is exposed to an environment that aids in this development.

This is achieved through the combination of essential components, such as:


Learning materials

Teacher training

Child assessment

Academic support

These components combine powerfully to help the child grow psychologically, physically, emotionally and also academically.


    A state-of-the-art system which covers all aspects of early development
  • Emphasis on key areas like senso-motor, personality, language and cognition
  • Inputs from early childhood educators, school owners, special educators, preschool teachers and Montessorians
  • Detailed timetable for activities and themes
  • Constant evolution with implementation of new practices and procedures
  • A structured environment with specially designed learning materials

Learning materials

    Moving away from conventional methods to ensure effective implementation of the curriculum
  • Scientifically designed materials with specific learning objectives
  • Materials selected through a logical process to adhere to Kreedo’s philosophy
  • Learning through a process of exploration and discovery
  • More than 180 materials mapped with Kreedo’s educational objectives

Teacher Training

    Enabling teachers to implement the curriculum through comprehensive training
  • Intensive training conducted by academic experts
  • Hands-on activities with all the educational materials used in the preschool
  • Software module with training videos

Child assessment

    A differentiated outlook on child assessment to perfectly complement the curriculum
  • Observation, recording and assessments to ensure that every child meets the development objectives
  • Assessment software with built-in benchmarks and other algorithms that provide insights into the child’s progress, interests and strengths
  • Providing a foundation for constructive feedback for the parents on the overall development of the child

Academic support

    Expert team to guide the customer to implement the curriculum
  • Technical support for effective use of software and Learning Management System (Learning content, material presentation videos, assessment, creating and managing children records)
  • Online expert sessions to reinforce all concepts of curriculum
  • Teacher mentoring to streamline the day-to-day operations of the preschool
  • Newsletters on latest trends of early childhood education sector and updates from Kreedo community

ParametersKreedo SolutionFranchiseSelf-Owned
Royalty (Pay royalty fee)kreedo
Franchise (Pay franchise fee)kreedo
Concept/PhilosophyStructured & well researchedkreedo
CurriculumFocused on specific development areas if the childkreedo
Objectives set to meet the learning needs of the childkreedo
Teaching MethodTeacher-centrickreedokreedo
Teacher’s TrainingBasic trainingkreedokreedokreedo
Hands-on trainingkreedokreedo
Continuous learningkreedo
Learn anytime anywherekreedo
Materials and teaching aidsRecreational toyskreedokreedo
Scientifically designedkreedo
Own manufacturingkreedo
Incrementally challengingkreedo
Child AssessmentSubjectivekreedokreedo
Environment / classroomBlackboard method of teachingkreedokreedokreedo
Freedom to movekreedo
Structured environment (layouts arranged in a successive order to meet the child’s developmentkreedo
Continuous Supportkreedo


Kreedo Early Childhood Solutions is a product of Kido Enterprises, which has been working in the preschool space for more than 25 years.
Kido revolutionized the early education industry by providing a variety of solutions to its customers aiming to develop and nurture young
minds across the globe.


Kido Enterprises, a small home-unit begins manufacturing and supplying high quality preschool wooden materials.


Kido becomes the largest Montessori materials supplier in India by catering to over 5,000 centres across the country. It also marks the beginning of Kido’s export of Montessori materials.


There is a distinct lack of early childhood education/Montessori training centres. Thus, Kido starts research on Early Learning.


Kido caters to over 10,000 schools in India, Middle East and USA, with the highest quality of wooden learning aids. Many Montessorians and educators from across the country become closely associated with Kido.


Kido launches Kreedo, a revolutionary preschool solution based on the Montessori philosophy blended with existing formats. It becomes a huge success with over 75 centres opening in the first year.


The Kreedo Early Education Centre, a preschool established as a research centre for early education and a training ground for teachers, becomes popular among parents and their children.


Over 3,000 teachers and 1,000 associated preschools begin to follow the Kreedo curriculum for training, which emphasizes on children’s academic and social development.


Kreedo plans to change the way schools deliver early education across India. It has started making an impact in the K12 space by associating with 20 low budget schools, in and around Bangalore.


Mridula Shridhar

Mridula Shridhar is an Instrumentation Engineer with an MBA from IIM-C and more than 15 years of experience in the Early Education space, starting from Montessori and preschool products, sales and marketing, curriculum research, to preschool consulting and running her own Early Education Centre. Her deep understanding on Montessori products and how young children learn through play, led to the creation of Kreedo Early Childhood Solutions. It is a curriculum that has been so far implemented in over 1000 preschools.

VK Manikandan

VK Manikandan is an Aerospace Engineer from IIT-Bombay and has an MBA degree from IIM-C. He joined the Early Education business in 2004 by helping create a world class manufacturing facility in Bengaluru, capable of rapid prototyping as well as mass manufacturing of wooden toys and learning materials. While working with numerous preschools across the country a realisation was felt for a need to transform the preschool sector and thus Kreedo was born.