“Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.”
Maria Montessori



Mixing children across age groups

Maria Montessori, renowned Educator and a strong advocate of mixing children across age groups, said “The main thing is that the group should contain different ages, because it has great influence on the cultural development of the child. This is obtained by the relations of the children among themselves. You cannot imagine how well a young child learns from the older child: how patient the older child is with the difficulties of the younger “ What exactly is the concept... Read More


Activity Based Learning – Mridula Shridhar

April 27, 2018

 When children use their hands to explore the learning tool, the memory of this learning stays with for a longer duration of time. Activity based learning is far more engaging and enjoyable for children as compared to visual learning, gives a clarity in the child’s mind. This is what we try to achieve through discovery based approach.


Issue 1 | April 2018

Know about the new additions to the Kreedo family, a few success stores, trending topics in the early education sector and a guest column from an expert. Read More